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  • The New BlackBerry 5810 Wireless Handheld™
  • BlackBerry 5810™ Interactive Demonstration
  • Availability for the BlackBerry 5810
  • Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2002

The New BlackBerry 5810 Wireless Handheld
BlackBerry 5810 with earpiece
Introducing the BlackBerry 5810 handheld - the new Java-based wireless handheld that integrates the award-winning features of the BlackBerry™ wireless email solution with the convenience of a built-in phone. BlackBerry is already the corporate standard for secure wireless email. Now, with the BlackBerry 5810 handheld, you can place and receive phone calls too. Operating on advanced GSM/GPRS networks, the BlackBerry 5810 lets you manage all of your business communications and information from a single, integrated wireless handheld.

This breakthrough in wireless convergence delivers email, phone, SMS, browser, and organizer features in a single, sleek handheld that is "Always On, Always Connected®".

Handheld Design: Based on the existing palm-sized form factor, the BlackBerry 5810 is sleek (4.6" x 3.1" x 0.7") and lightweight (4.7 oz) with an embedded RIM® wireless modem. It features RIM's popular "thumb-typing" keyboard, navigation trackwheel, large screen, intuitive interface and a headset jack for optional phone services. Both the screen and keyboard are backlit for easy reading and typing day and night.

Wireless Email: BlackBerry 5810 provides a secure, wireless extension to your existing enterprise mailbox. You can read, compose, forward, reply, file or delete messages at your convenience and synchronize your inbox and folders between your BlackBerry 5810 and PC.

Integrated Phone: The built-in, high-quality phone supports GSM voice services and other optional features such as call waiting, call answer, conference calling and call forwarding.* It includes an earpiece and microphone that easily attaches for convenient, hands-free conversation allowing you to read, type or retrieve information while you talk.

SMS: Short Messaging Service (SMS) enables short text messages to be quickly exchanged between BlackBerry 5810 handhelds and other SMS-enabled devices (including cell phones) without adding email messages to an inbox.

Browser*: BlackBerry 5810 includes a BlackBerry browser providing access to your carrier's WAP portal and other WML sites.

Organizer: A full-featured connected organizer is included with calendar, address book, memopad and task list applications for maximum productivity. With wireless calendar synchronization†, your online calendar and handheld calendar can also be automatically and wirelessly synchronized without the need for a cradle.

Application Integration: The BlackBerry 5810 features exceptional hardware and software integration making it very easy to use. A single integrated address book and inbox serve all email, voice and SMS applications. And you can even click on an email address, telephone number or URL inside a message to automatically invoke an email message, call the telephone number or connect to the URL.

J2ME: The BlackBerry 5810 also incorporates Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) as its core operating system, providing a secure and open platform for customers, carriers, and developers.

IT Friendly: Since the BlackBerry Enterprise Server supports multiple wireless network standards (currently including Mobitex, DataTAC and GSM/GPRS), current BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers in North America will be able to support the BlackBerry 5810 without any change to their back-end infrastructure.

For more information on the BlackBerry 5810, click here.

BlackBerry 5810 Interactive Demonstration
Want to test drive the new BlackBerry 5810 Wireless Handheld - now's your chance! This demonstration provides you with the opportunity to see and interact with the new BlackBerry 5810 Wireless Handheld. It's the next best thing to experiencing the BlackBerry 5810 hands-on.

Try out the Interactive Product Demo and find out for yourself how the new BlackBerry 5810 will revolutionize the way you do business.

Availability for the BlackBerry 5810
AT&T Wireless and VoiceStream are now accepting orders for the BlackBerry 5810 in the United States and are expected to begin shipping within 30 days.

You can place your order today by contacting AT&T Wireless at 1-877-400-1080 or VoiceStream at 1-866-VSTRB2B. To place an online request for the BlackBerry 5810, click here.

Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2002
As a BlackBerry Connection subscriber, you want to be informed of the latest news on the leading wireless email solution for business. You can find out more about what's available today and what's coming next from BlackBerry and other wireless industry leaders at Wireless Enterprise Symposium 2002. This conference will bring together the industry's top technology providers, wireless network carriers, IT services companies and analysts to share ideas, knowledge and best practices on wireless data. Research In Motion is proud to announce a keynote session featuring Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, at this year's conference. Register today and join us on April 29 - May 2 in Atlanta.


* Check with service providers for availability and service plans.
† Requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server 2.1 or higher.

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