BlackBerry Share

Share Documents & Other Content on Any Device

Secure Mobile Content Management

BlackBerry® Share is a secure mobile content management (MCM)  solution that allows employees to safely share and work with documents and other content while on the go, on any device.

It integrates with other enterprise apps built on BlackBerry® Dynamics,  so sharing and editing documents can be done at any stage of a business process. 

Extending the Enterprise to Mobile Devices

Industry-leading Enterprise Security

With BlackBerry Share, enterprise documents and other content are fully encrypted, with military-grade AES encryption and end-to-end data governance, both in transit to and from your file stores and at rest on the device.

  •  Enterprise controls enforce security policies that include the ability to download, upload, email, print and open documents in other apps.
  • In the case of device loss or theft, IT can selectively remote wipe corporate data without affecting users’ personal data.


Easy Access On the Go

BlackBerry Share provides secure offline synchronization of files between the device and the corporate repositories, so you can share and work on documents anytime, anywhere—without requiring a VPN.

  • Check out, open-in to edit, open-in to annotate and check in changes to a document with integrated editing applications
  • Access, modify and edit documents even when offline
  • No need of further investment in VPN, firewall re-configurations, or risky cloud or DMZ stores


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