A consumer messaging app, BBM lets you chat and share with a speed, control and privacy you can’t get on other instant messenger apps. 

Use the BlackBerry CPaaS solution to easily integrate secure messaging, voice, video and data sharing into your apps, without the need to build out costly back-end infrastructure.

Enable access to information stored on corporate intranets, including multimedia resources, directly from a secure browser on iOS, Android™, Windows® and macOS devices. 

Leverage your existing Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber or IBM Sametime environment to speed time to decision making with secure enterprise instant messaging from any mobile device.

A comprehensive infrastructure solution designed to help semiconductor companies manage, secure and control manufacturing processes in a global, outsourced environment.

A secure and reliable hosted PKI platform that can manage certificates on behalf of an organization or an entire ecosystem.

Keep your mobile employees connected with secure access to web apps and corporate intranet resources across a range of devices, without need for VPN.

Seamlessly use native Microsoft® mobile apps including Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word and Excel®  from BlackBerry Dynamics apps such as BlackBerry Work. Available on both iOS and Android™.

A complete Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that goes beyond managing endpoints, apps, content, data and security to prepare your organization for future challenges and opportunities. 

Designed to improve voice and sound quality for embedded systems, QNX acoustics technology provides reliable, high quality user experiences for challenging automotive environments.

A proven, full-featured software stack designed to help automotive manufacturers build graphically-rich, connected infotainment systems that incorporate leading automotive technologies. 

A comprehensive, Eclipse-based integrated development environment with innovative profiling tools for maximum insight into system behavior. 

Designed to help car manufacturers respond to the new set of challenges with the development of full digital instrument clusters, and built on top of BlackBerry QNX’s highly optimized OpenGL based graphics framework.

Designed for flexibility, the SDK offers a dual-mode Bluetooth Smart Ready stack with a comprehensive list of profiles to support connectivity with Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy devices for a wide range of general embedded markets.

An all-encompassing asset tracking solution, allowing trailers, vans, containers, flatbeds, chassis and equipment to securely communicate in near real-time. 

Safeguard sensitive conversations against electronic eavesdropping with end-to-end encryption of voice calls and text messages. Available on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

Get proven security with BlackBerry smartphones, powered by Android.

Give users a full desktop experience on mobile devices, with the ability to securely create, open and prioritize tasks synchronized with Microsoft Exchange while on-the-go.

Manage your diverse and growing set of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT) from a single console.

Draw a firm line between corporate and personal device use with a separate work line on personal devices. Your enterprise maintains 100% control of the corporate number.

Automatically embed DRM protection into email attachments sent through your organization’s email gateway with this add-on to BlackBerry Workspaces.

A complete instant messaging platform for the security-conscious organization, offering secure text, voice, video and group chat on any device, including smartphones and desktops.

Leverage mobile devices to deliver simple, highly secure user authentication for your key cloud apps, VPN, and other on-premises systems.

Connect people, devices and external organizations with the only emergency mass communication solution to meet stringent FedRAMP security levels.

Secures communications between utility meters and back-end meter data management infrastructure by providing data encryption and integrity validation of individual metering data.

For comprehensive security in your devices, you need the higher level security protocols and trust services included in the Certicom Security Architecture modules.

Enable users to securely create and edit Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations from mobile devices, even when offline. 

Seamless navigation with a mobile desktop allows users to effortlessly switch between email, calendar, contacts and other business apps, without having to open and close apps.

Superior single sign-on (SSO) with one password for all cloud services across mobile devices (iOS, Android and BlackBerry) and computing platforms (Windows and macOS).

A secure note-taking solution designed for mobile enterprise users lets employees stay on top of business workflows by creating, editing and maintaining a tile-view list of notes.

Flexible platform approach for multiple ADAS and automated driving applications, engineered for distributed processing and optimized for automotive silicon.

Built for managing virtual machines, the QNX® Hypervisor makes it easier to obtain and maintain safety certifications by separating safety-critical components from non-safety critical components in separate guest operating systems. 

QNX products are designed for embedded systems running on various platforms, including ARM and x86, and a host of boards implemented in virtually every type of embedded environment. 

Leverages the latest open technologies for application development and allows device manufacturers to build compelling mobile-like interfaces with full multimedia capabilities.

A large set of software to meet increasing demand for connected devices in markets that include life-critical medical devices, car infotainment systems and car telematics.

Get an accurate and up-to-date picture of your trailers, containers and equipment in operation through a secure web portal.

A secure mobile content management (MCM) solution that integrates with existing repositories to allow employees to access business content securely from any mobile device.

Secure delivery of firmware, applications, and content to a variety of devices deploying software such as automobiles, consumer devices, and embedded systems.

Seamlessly extend support for an array of two factor technologies that span smart cards, OTP, biometrics, tokens and more. 

Enable employees to communicate faster and collaborate more effectively with secure mobile access to their email, calendar, contacts and documents in one app.

Enable users to confidently access, share and collaborate on any device with the leading secure EFSS solution. Only authorized users can access your files—even after they leave your network.