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The Apps and Data Your Users Need on the Devices They Want

BlackBerry® offers you one platform for the Enterprise of Things, evolving how intelligent endpoints are enabled and secured.

Unique BlackBerry software and services run on every major operating system and across any network, securing all corporate data and communications on-premise or in the cloud. With the most secure BYO solution on the market, the right apps can be delivered to any device.

The most secure, flexible solution for BYO

Keep your mobile employees connected with secure access to web apps and corporate intranet resources across a range of devices, without need for VPN.

Unparalleled Microsoft app integration

With a heritage in mobilizing Microsoft®, BlackBerry offers new integration to support Microsoft® Office mobile apps in even the most secure environments.

Enterprise-grade secure file sharing

Enable file sharing outside your enterprise to support your employees, partners and non-traditional workers.

Build a Bridge Between BlackBerry Work and Microsoft Office

BlackBerry® Enterprise BRIDGE provides the only highly secure option for seamlessly using native Microsoft® mobile apps from BlackBerry® Dynamics apps such as BlackBerry® Work. Enterprise users will have a seamless experience when opening, editing and saving within Microsoft® Excel®, PowerPoint® and Word on iOS or Android™ devices.

Unified Endpoint Management with BlackBerry UEM

BlackBerry® UEM delivers unified endpoint management and maximum control for your diverse and growing fleet of endpoints across different operating systems and ownership models.

What’s New in the latest BlackBerry UEM release?

  • Support for configuring interoperability between BlackBerry Dynamics and Microsoft® Office 365®
  • Manage the communication of IT notifications to users by leveraging phone, text and mobile notifications to drive improved compliance
  • Seamless migration of Good Control users to BlackBerry UEM
  • BlackBerry UEM APP Catalog for unmanaged devices
  • Android management enhancements        
    • Deploy secure, pre-configured Android devices on-demand and at scale
    • Support for Samsung Knox MDM policies on enrolled Android devices
    • The ability to control how and when firmware updates are applied to Samsung devices
  • iOS management enhancements
    • The ability to manage multiple Apple Device Enrollment Program Accounts
    • Support iOS devices that will be used by multiple employees in multiple roles. Devices can be easily shared by shift workers via a “check in / check out” process
    • Home Screen layout customization for iOS devices 
  • Windows 10 management enhancements
    • Support for Windows Health Attestation
    • AV Detection when using BlackBerry Access and BlackBerry Work for Windows 10 devices

Enhancements to BlackBerry Dynamics

BlackBerry provides the most trusted enterprise app development platform. Join an ecosystem with over 100 ISV partners and over 4,000 customer built apps. As a developer, BlackBerry allows you to focus on the core value of your apps – built using the tools you already use. With the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK, you can add key capabilities like presence and integrate with BlackBerry® Dynamics Launcher. 

What’s new in the latest BlackBerry Dynamics release?

  • Office 365 ADAL Support with BlackBerry Dynamics Apps
  • Policy controls for Touch ID and Face ID with Dynamics Apps
  • Prevent iOS Screen Recording of Dynamics Apps
  • Assign Do Not Disturb profile for BlackBerry Work users
  • Persistent Group Chat and File Sharing in BlackBerry Connect
  • Support for Microsoft Skype for Business Online
  • Developer Enhancements for iOS and Android
    • Support for applications written in Swift 4.0 for iOS and macOS
    • Xcode 9 Support
    • Support for Angular and Ionic Frameworks
    • Unified support for Xamarin Forms 

Secure File Sync & Share with BlackBerry Workspaces

BlackBerry® Workspaces is the leading secure EFSS solution, securing your enterprise content wherever it travels. With Workspaces, users can safely access, share and collaborate on even the most sensitive files, using any mobile (iOS, Android™, BlackBerry®) or desktop (Windows®, macOS) device.

What’s New in the latest BlackBerry Workspaces release?

  • User experience upgrades
    • New viewer for mobile browsers
    • Improved user onboarding, usage analytics, and content search
  • Increased Microsoft integration
    • Integration with Azure Active Directory, aligned with the capabilities of BlackBerry UEM
  • New Android SDK
    • Closer alignment of Workspaces development tools with BlackBerry development platform
  • Other product improvements
    • Performance enhancements
    • Improved user management, reporting and administration tools
    • Automatic offline access to specific workspaces
    • Admin reporting of the read acknowledgement queue

App Lifecycle Monitoring and Management with BlackBerry Analytics

BlackBerry® Analytics gives IT and developers key insight into enterprise activity. With this information, you can make better decisions to further increase business productivity, such as investing in or reducing user training, and altering maintenance schedules.

What’s New in the latest BlackBerry Analytics release?

  • Access to user level and feature level analytics for BlackBerry Dynamics applications.
  • Support for all enterprise apps: BlackBerry Analytics now supports non-Dynamics apps as well as Dynamics apps. With complete insight into user enterprise app activity, IT can get a deeper understanding of current and future business needs.

Single Sign-on and Two-Factor Authentication

BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity makes it easy for users to access cloud applications from any device, including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, as well as traditional computing platforms. Integration with BlackBerry® 2FA allows you to secure critical cloud services with simple, high-security authentication, leveraging your existing iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

What’s New in the Latest BlackBerry Enterprise Identity Release?

  • Ability to authenticate users with accounts in Microsoft Azure AD
  • Customizable administrator roles
  • Support for third-party hardware tokens with direct import of PKSC-compliant files
  • Recovery of out of sync hardware OTP tokens
  • Improved and actionable iOS notifications for BlackBerry 2FA

Separate Corporate Identity on Personal Devices

BlackBerry® WorkLife offers a separate work line on personal devices, enabling you to draw a firm line between corporate and personal life.

What’s New in the latest BlackBerry WorkLife release?

  • The same desk number on mobile: Users can now use their familiar desk numbers on mobile. Outgoing work calls from their mobile device are identified as coming from their desk number, while incoming calls to that phone will be routed to their mobile device. They can even use their desk short code extensions for dialing.

BlackBerry Secure World Tour

Join us in locations around the world to hear about security in a hyperconnected world. Advancements from BlackBerry will transform the way your organization works, from mobile-enabled workflows and secure file sharing to safeguarding mobile access to Microsoft apps.