BlackBerry Offerings for Desktop

Enable Secure Remote Connectivity From any Windows 10 or macOS Device

A Modern Alternative to VPN and VDI

BlackBerry® offerings for desktop enable your users to securely access corporate on-premises or cloud resources on their personally owned or non-corporate managed Windows® 10 and macOS devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and Surface Pro laptops. 

Your organization can deploy and enable a wide range of business tools such as Web Apps and corporate intranets, and even allow offline access to core tools. You get a containerized environment that enables employee productivity, without the complexities and high costs of traditional VPNs or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

2018 Gartner Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management

BlackBerry Scores Highest in BYOD Use Case

Full Business Productivity from any Computer or Tablet

With integrated desktop solutions from BlackBerry, users can fully work with their corporate tools and cloud apps at any time. Best of all, they have the same set of capabilities they would have with a traditional corporate-owned and managed computer—all with a single sign-on.


Users can access their business email with the ability to accept/ decline meeting invites from the inbox.


Users can easily manage their business calendar and use the free/busy lookup capability to align with everyone’s schedules.


Enable remote access to corporate Active Directory contacts.


While online, users can download or open files, edit them straight from the secure browser and email them to colleagues.

Office 365 Apps

Enable online access to Microsoft® Office 365® apps so users can always collaborate with the right business tools.

Intranet Websites

Users can access intranet sites and manage bookmarks, history and downloads so that content is always within reach.

Cloud-Based Business Apps

Enable access to file-based apps, dashboards, reporting tools and more.

File Sharing

Files can be shared and synced both inside and outside your organization.

Reach More Endpoints with
Simple Onboarding and Offboarding

BlackBerry provides turnkey solutions to quickly onboard and offboard employees, contractors, partners, non-employees and home workers.

To add a new user, IT simply needs to provide an access key with which the user activates the apps on their computer.  Once activated, the user can access all corporate resources with a single sign-on in a secure environment on their computer, separate from their personal apps. When access from that computer is no longer needed IT can automatically wipe all corporate data from the device by issuing a deactivation command.

Integrate BlackBerry offerings for desktop with your organization’s current investments in Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365. Employees can access their suite of familiar Office applications—from email to online document editing—from any computer.

Deploy BlackBerry offerings for desktop either on premises or as cloud services. They support multiple employee and non-employee types, allowing your organization to extend corporate intranets and resources to more endpoints.

By allowing employees to bring their own computers, BlackBerry can help your organization realize substantial savings on hardware, software and help desk costs.

BlackBerry and Microsoft Webcast

Learn how BlackBerry and Microsoft work together to provide secure, remote productivity on any Windows 10 device.

Enable Secure Use of Corporate Web Apps

BlackBerry® Access enables users to securely access and use corporate web apps, including internal portals, HR resources, documents, and dashboards. With one-click access to these apps, users have all resources at hand without limitations of discoverability or security.

Enterprises can configure Chromium extensions so users can stay even more productive with the most commonly-used corporate applications—web conferencing, sales reporting such as Salesforce, project management and more.

Within BlackBerry Access, users have offline access to the integrated BlackBerry Work app. They can collaborate on email, calendar and contacts, and securely edit Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents without depending on Wi-Fi.

End-to-End Security with Data Path Controls

With traditional browsing, sensitive corporate data such as bookmarks, NTLM credentials or files may be exposed. BlackBerry Access uses Data Path Controls to securely route traffic thru the firewall, and at the same time keeps intranet and any SaaS data secure and containerized. BlackBerry Access also delivers support for PAC files.

Rich Policy and Access Controls for IT

With BlackBerry Access, IT can easily manage policy and access controls to ensure security.

  • “Whitelist” approved domains so that users can access corporate pages without compromising data

  • Set different browser and app policies for different user groups

  • Support server certificates and persistent credentials

  • Enable strict tunnelling or flexible traffic control

Secure File Collaboration

BlackBerry® Workspaces enables users to safely access, share, sync and collaborate on the most sensitive files using any Windows, macOS or mobile device.

By using the BlackBerry Workspaces desktop client app, application plug-in, or website app for Windows 10 or macOS, users can access a suite of secure productivity capabilities, such as document editing in Microsoft Office native applications, file tracking and document permissions.