Licensing for IoT Device Manufacturers

Complement Your Connected Device with the Security Customers Trust

The Internet of Things: Taking Security Beyond Smartphones

BlackBerry®, is now bringing its renowned security to your connected device. BlackBerry® Secure offers a cost-effective, security-licensed solution with software components that keep your device secure from malware, ransomware and rooting. 

Established, Trusted Brand

Hardware Root of Trust

Secure Identity & Manufacturing Services

BlackBerry Integrity Detection

Deep Enterprise Management Capabilities

Support for Monthly Security Updates

BlackBerry® Secure can provide your users with a proven, trusted and cost-effective security-licensed solution that addresses the evolving security and privacy needs of organizations and end users alike. It encompasses Android (including AOSP), Linux, and full Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) implementations. The end user experience you’ve created for your customers remains intact, but users trust your brand more, knowing it’s protected with BlackBerry Secure.

Consumer Trust Above All Else

With high-profile data breaches and reports of security flaws in connected devices, it’s no surprise consumers are increasingly worried about privacy and security. Successful devices in this new landscape will be the ones consumers feel they can trust.

Increased Privacy and Security Awareness

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has given brands the unique opportunity to demonstrate the importance of customer security. By providing connected products that safeguard customer data, you can prove your accountability and create long-term brand trust.

The BlackBerry Secure Advantage for IoT Devices

BlackBerry Secure offers an opportunity to build the most trusted smart devices, leveraging the brand that’s trusted by consumers, enterprises and governments. The result is a device your users can trust to protect against threats to their apps, data and networks.

Establishing a Secure Foundation

A secure development and manufacturing service for the production of devices that are BlackBerry Secure.  

Protection from Rooting & Malware

A Hardware Root of Trust, Secure Boot, Kernel & Platform Hardening and BlackBerry Integrity Detection all help to ensure security from the ground up.

Adaptive Security

The BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team monitors the security threat landscape and responds rapidly to emerging incidents, so we can help ensure your products are kept up-to-date with security software updates.

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