Microsoft and BlackBerry: Better Together

Mobilize your Microsoft Investments

Mobilize Your Existing Microsoft Investments While Protecting Your Data

Organizations are increasingly mobilizing their workforce, requiring IT to extend their existing investment in Microsoft® technologies to a wide variety of mobile devices and platforms. BlackBerry® provides an easy, secure, cross-platform approach for mobilizing your Microsoft applications while protecting critical business data.

Build a Bridge between BlackBerry Work and Microsoft Office

BlackBerry® Enterprise BRIDGE provides the only highly secure option for seamlessly using native Microsoft® mobile apps including Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word, and Excel® from BlackBerry® Dynamics apps such as BlackBerry® Work1. This unique capability is available on both iOS and Android.


Documents are created, edited and render correctly on all devices.


Mobile use of native Microsoft apps from BlackBerry Work is seamless.

Highly Secure

Organizations that need to ensure data remains containerized can now mobilize Microsoft® Office®.


Native Microsoft apps on Windows® 10, macOS, iOS and Android can be used to work on the same files.

Deploy Microsoft Office 365 alongside BlackBerry Dynamics


With their optional cloud deployment model, both the BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform and BlackBerry® UEM can manage your entire mobile app ecosystem from the cloud, an ideal complement to your Microsoft Office 365 deployment. For organizations that have moved their messaging infrastructure to Office 365, BlackBerry offers a fully cloud-based deployment across secure email, collaboration and MDM. BlackBerry Work can be run either in the cloud or on-premise, and can support Office 365 as well as hosted Exchange environments. For organizations in the middle of an Office 365 migration, a cloud-based BlackBerry Work deployment can support both your Office 365 and legacy Exchange users in a single deployment. 

Mobilize SharePoint


BlackBerry Work and BlackBerry Share  securely mobilize content stored in Microsoft SharePoint repositories. They support key SharePoint operations such as: browse, search, bookmark, download, synchronize, upload, check out, open-in to edit, open-in to annotate and check in changes to a document. At the same time, the apps maintain end-to-end encryption to protect document content.

Mobilize OneDrive for Business

The BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform pervasively supports integration with Microsoft®  OneDrive for Business. Any app built on the platform can quickly and securely access or save documents to OneDrive for Business. This includes collaboration applications like BlackBerry Work for email and editing, a wide set of secure business apps, and custom apps.

Mobilize Lync and Skype for Business

BlackBerry® Connect integrates with Microsoft® Lync®, Skype for Business and Skype for Business Online, to enable secure instant messaging, file share, corporate directory lookup and user presence, all from an easy-to-use interface on any device. The BlackBerry Dynamics platform even integrates the user presence capability from Lync and Skype for Business as an out-of-the-box modular service for developers to easily integrate into their own custom-built apps. 

Mobilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft® Dynamics CRM for BlackBerry enables sales organizations to enjoy a native Dynamics user experience, while giving IT the security to protect regulated and proprietary customer, contact and pipeline information. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM for BlackBerry you can speed sales cycles and improve customer satisfaction through real-time access to quotes, orders, and customer data while meeting security baselines and regulatory requirements.

  1. Subject to implementation for comparable policies and requires Intune licensing. There is no guarantee that Intune App Protection will match Dynamics in all respects or that it will support all the same policies that Dynamics does, or vice-versa.