Protect Your People & Manage Critical Events

Enhance Communication with BlackBerry Critical Event Management

Making people feel safe is essential in your return-to-work program in this phase of the global pandemic. As we come back to physical offices and public spaces, an enhanced communication approach can protect our most important assets – people and employees – while minimizing additional disruption to business operations. BlackBerry® AtHoc® for government and BlackBerry® Alert® for enterprises can support you with automated 2-way communications to implement emergency procedures, health checks and contact tracing. 

Is Your Organization Ready?

Consistent communication Consistent communication Consistent communication
Consistent communication

Keep your staff and visitors up to date on:

  • Health safety guidance
  • Threat awareness
  • Policies and emergency procedures
  • Symptoms to monitor in the case of a health crisis
Situational awareness Situational awareness Situational awareness
Situational awareness

Make decisions in real-time based on the feedback you receive:

  • Employee health checks
  • Contact tracing
  • Employee concerns, confidence levels and requirements for returning to work
Business continuity Business continuity Business continuity
Business continuity

Provide your team with resources and information to stay connected:

  • Alternative work arrangements
  • Checking in on employees to maintain morale
  • Giving people a way to provide feedback

Respond to the changing dynamics of any situation and avoid further business disruption and risk to people, assets, facilities and your supply chain.

BlackBerry Can Help

BlackBerry has the expertise and resources to help you define and implement a critical event management communication solution.  Our team of experts can have you up and running in less than 48 hours, allowing you to focus less on administration and more on the duty of care to your people.  We provide:

  • A centralized approach to critical communications during events—plan, manage and remediate
  • Managed service with 24/7 access to business continuity practitioners who can send alerts on your behalf and monitor for possible threats
  • Proven critical communications plans and ready-to-deploy alert templates
  • Complete visibility to who is receiving and responding to your messages
  • Comprehensive training on communication best practices in critical situations
Get Started Today with a Free Demo

Get Started Today with a Free Demo

Discover the power of BlackBerry critical event management. Let one of our experts walk you through how BlackBerry AtHoc and BlackBerry Alert can help your employees return to the office safely. We’ll give you a live demonstration based on your unique needs.