BlackBerry Radar Trailer Tracking

Engineered for Intelligence

Stop Chasing Your Trailers. Start Using Them.

Go beyond simple tracking. Get real-time event-based visibility to your trailers.


External Wiring






minute installation


minute and event-based sensor reading


more data than basic GPS trackers


years of mobility, security and mission critical software experience

Trailer Monitoring for Your Business

Keep Drivers Happy and Minimize Wasted Time

Give drivers precise trailer location to maximize driving time. Cargo and door alerts help dispatchers direct drivers to trailers ready for pick-up.

Manage Trailer Maintenance Based on Mileage, Not Time

Optimize trailer maintenance and reduce costs. BlackBerry Radar provides mileage and trip reporting with 98% accuracy and no additional sensors.

Stop Leaving Money in the Yard

BlackBerry Radar gives you real-time visibility and accurate accounting of your trailers and trailer pools.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Freight

Be notified of door opens and closes, extended stops, unauthorized use and tampering within customizable geo-fences.

“I’m saving 35-40 minutes a day on average for my drivers because of Radar. Anything I can do to shorten a person’s workday and go from 65-70-hour work week to 55-60-hour work week, I’m all about doing that. Because to me, whoever has the drivers is the one who is going to win this game.”

Curt Reitz,
President, CTS

“The [BlackBerry Radar] system helped us save roughly 1.2 million in the first year on the maintenance side. Thanks to that tracking, we don’t need as many units on the road and the utilization rate is much, much higher than it was before without the tracking device on it.”

John Iwaniura,
President & CEO, Caravan Logistics

"We decided to add BlackBerry Radar to our portfolio because we believe the near-real-time information it provides will empower our customers to make better business decisions and improve the overall performance of their transportation operations."

John Trenberth,
Chief Executive Officer, Pana-Pacific

“Titanium’s trailer utilization has improved by more than half a ratio with BlackBerry Radar. We were around a 1:4.5, we are now around a 1:4. Our rate of return is over a 100 grand a month on 300 trailers. So that is over a million dollars a year, and BlackBerry Radar has not cost me anywhere near that.”

Ted Daniel,
Chief Executive Officer, Titanium

Insightful and Intuitive Reporting

Get easy yard check, fleet utilization, dwell & detention reports at your finger-tips. Quickly identify and locate trailers and assets in the BlackBerry Radar portal or with simple integration tools.

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