BlackBerry Docs to Go

Securely Create and Edit Documents on the Go

All-in-One Mobile Editing Solution

BlackBerry® Docs To Go is an all-in-one enterprise document solution that streamlines mobile editing. It allows you to securely create, edit and format Microsoft® Word documents, Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets and Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations—as well as view PDF files—with a few taps. Unlike office editing tools that rely on connectivity, BlackBerry Docs To Go lets you take care of your editing needs anytime, anywhere—even when offline.

Secure Desktop-Like Capabilities

Industry-leading Enterprise Data Security

BlackBerry Docs To Go is built on BlackBerry® Dynamics, the gold standard for mobile security, so IT can maintain control of enterprise data while users edit documents. It stores your data in a secure document container and uses military-grade AES encryption.

With BlackBerry Docs to Go, your data is BlackBerry Secure.

Manage Documents Anytime, Even Offline

Unlike other office editing tools that require internet connectivity, BlackBerry Docs To Go allows you to work on your files even when you’re offline.

With desktop-like features, you can change formats, redo and undo changes, format characters with rich text, and use the find-and-replace feature to make quick changes to large files.


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