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BlackBerry AtHoc Features

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A Platform for Protection

The BlackBerry® AtHoc suite of integrated applications sets the standard in networked crisis communication.

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End-to-end Event Management: AtHoc Situation Response

Prepare for incidents that can impact your organization by defining a step-by-step incident plan, assigning stakeholders, and sending the plan through a review cycle​. Once the plan is approved, stakeholders can review it to familiarize themselves with their roles in a response. As the plan changes, keep personnel aware in real-time.

Respond to incidents by executing an instance of a previously created plan or by starting from scratch​. Real-life incidents don’t always follow a playbook, so you can make live adjustments to your plan as needed.  When the incident is over, you can get an accurate timeline of what occurred by reviewing the activity log and reports.

Collaborate in real-time via the web or AtHoc mobile app to keep everyone informed during an event. The chat-based collaboration sessions can be associated with a plan or instance of a plan, pulling in the necessary stakeholders, to enable collaboration within and between organizations. 

Real-Time Visibility of Personnel Safety: AtHoc Account

BlackBerry AtHoc automates the process of accounting for the safety of people and teams and provides real-time visibility during critical events so leaders have the information they need to respond effectively.

  • Request status from select groups, or the entire populace.
  • Get a detailed report for each alert recipient.
  • Access an at-a-glance dashboard for situational awareness.
  • Compile details from multiple sources, including individuals, call centers and people responding on behalf of others.

Remove confusion, ambiguity and manual processes during emergencies by using messaging that’s based on best practices. Since messages and responses are pre-programmed, supervisors and staff respond quickly to acknowledge specific objectives. This centralized outreach-and-response model generates consistent data across the organization.

If an accountability request is not acknowledged or recipients indicate they cannot perform assigned tasks, AtHoc automatically contacts the next available resource, or transfers supervisory responsibility. Downtime and response time are reduced by allocating recovery resources efficiently.

Ensure that accountability and response can begin at the location of the crisis, without resources being withheld until headquarters has been alerted. This ability to escalate upwards as needed helps with coordination as the scope of any individual event becomes clear. Real-time safety status enables leaders to respond more effectively.

Automated accountability process Simplified, secured messaging Automated escalation and continuity Top-down, bottom-up communications

Networked Mass Notification: AtHoc Alert

Quickly communicate a consistent message across multiple channels and delivery devices (customizable messaging per device), all integrated using the IP network. The information is sent via multiple and redundant means, including:

  • Networked computers
  • Networked IP phone displays
  • Telephony
  • Text messaging
  • Mobile devices
  • Email
  • Social networks
  • Indoor and outdoor speakers
  • Cable TV and display boards
  • Radio broadcasts
  • Land mobile radios (LMRs)
  • XML feeds

AtHoc integration with the SMTP delivery infrastructure enables emails to be sent directly using the organization’s email address (e.g., .com, .mil, .gov) supporting customer PKI digitally signed emails. Rich content like HTML, videos, evacuation routes and links can also be embedded within email alerts.

AtHoc can target people based on organizational structure, distribution lists, physical location, individual name or dynamic database query. Personal and mass notification devices (such as sirens and digital display boards) can be targeted using visual geographic maps, allowing operators to select the buildings, regions or zones to be notified.

Expedite your communication with pre-configured templates and custom fields.  AtHoc automates operating procedures for emergency situations by providing a library of alert templates, including weather warning conditions and physical security events.

During an emergency, alert recipients receive multiple response options for acknowledgement and reporting their status on networked channels. Alerts are tracked in real time, giving operators a detailed delivery report for each alert recipient.

Emergency alerts are often triggered by physical sensors (e.g. fire alarms, video surveillance and chemical detectors) or external data sources (e.g., National Weather Service content feeds). AtHoc can monitor these events, then using preconfigured business rules, it can automatically activate any emergency scenario. AtHoc also enables communication with external systems, such as federal, state and local agencies for information sharing and interoperability.

Behind-the firewall deployment brings peace of mind and assurance of data confidentiality and network protection. Additional deployment architectures, including public cloud and a patented hybrid deployment option, provide flexibility in addressing your requirements without compromising security and privacy. PII and other sensitive data remain secure behind firewall. And FedRAMP authorization provides government agencies with confidence they are using the most secure cloud-based services available.

Unify Notifications to All Devices Provide Versatile Publishing Capabilities Target Notifications Automate Emergency Scenarios and Processes External System Integration & Event Monitoring Secure Cloud or Hybrid Deployment

Communicate & Collaborate: AtHoc Connect

Emergencies, even small ones, do not happen in isolation. AtHoc Connect bridges the communication gap between organizations during these events. Simplify your workflow when seconds matter and eliminate the need to manage up-to-date contacts for external entities. You can be confident your communications have reached connected organizations – no more busy signals or one-way broadcasts.

Shared situational awareness with HQ, or across networked organizations, bridges all government and commercial entities—strengthening coordination when every second counts. Invite organizations that are relevant to your response and collaborate with a community that shares your goals and interests.

Organizations have complete control over personally identifiable information (PII), delivery channels, message content and recipients. Wondering who’s receiving your alerts? AtHoc Connect gives you full control and transparency, unlike other subscription-based models.

Seamlessly Connect with Other Organizations Enhance Information Sharing Maintain Privacy and Confidentiality

Situational Awareness: AtHoc Collect

Gain greater awareness and make better decisions by enabling your field personnel to be the eyes and ears of the operations center. Visualize on-scene status with geotagged rich media reports.

Activate location tracking and share with a user’s team or the operation center. Events can be displayed over a map, along with detailed information about source, type and contact. Remote personnel can choose to turn on a “track me” feature if they feel in danger.

Gather, manage and direct inbound reports by source, type and location. Incidents can be categorized, tagged and filtered to define subsequent actions.

AtHoc Collect empowers every person in your organization to send a personal duress signal on a smartphone. The incoming alert and GPS location are directed to the operation center. Individuals can feel safe knowing they have a discreet way of alerting emergency personnel.

Report events using rich media Location Tracking View and manage field reports


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