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BlackBerry Spark Communications Services

Embed Secure Communication Capabilities into Apps and Smart Devices with CPaaS

Easily snap rich chat, voice, video and data transfer into mobile and web apps and smart devices. Flexible APIs connect to the core functionality of your app to create nuanced interactions between business processes, users, machines and IoT devices.

Real-Time Communications and Data Sharing in Your Apps

Build innovative, secure communications and services into your custom apps and smart devices with BlackBerry® Spark Communications Services, the BlackBerry Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution.

With message signing, guaranteed data delivery and end-to-end encryption, messages and files are certifiably secure.

Your users can discuss the work they’re doing and get the work done in the same location with calls and 1:1 or group chats built in.

Enable secure file sharing, contact cards, media, location, whiteboards and other business data with both low- and high-bandwidth streaming.

Broadcast real-time user notifications of user/machine-readable activity in a collaborative channel.

Use Cases: Digital Transformation

Incorporate secure, intuitive communications into your apps and smart devices and propel your business to become a hyper-connected enterprise.

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Smart IoT devices

Securely embed data streams into your Internet of Things devices. From drones that communicate with each other during surveillance, to smart cameras that recognize authorized viewers, BlackBerry Spark Communications Services can send data between large fleets of sensors and authenticated device endpoints.


Build intuitive, rich and interactive chats into your applications. BlackBerry Spark Communications Services has advanced chat features that keep your employees engaged and on-task, and make your apps feel as instinctive as consumer apps – regardless of platform or device.

Artificial Intelligence

Give your AI a voice by integrating BlackBerry Spark Communications Services into your intelligent machines. AI algorithms deliver relevant information to users, suggest actions based on behavior and give location-based alerts.


Spend your time building your chatbot while BlackBerry Spark Communications Services takes care of securely transmitting messages in real time. User data, activity and messages are used to route the user to the correct contact point, making user support quick and responsive.

The Platform You Can Trust – BlackBerry Will Never Sell Your Data

With 80+ security certifications, BlackBerry has more than any other vendor. Spark Communications Services was built on privacy and security first, so your apps comply with industry standards and regulations.

Spark Communications Services uses a Bring-Your-Own-Key (BYOK) model, which means BlackBerry cannot see the content of your users’ communications. Unlike many other communications platforms, BlackBerry does not monetize the contents of these communications and will never sell your data.

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Success Stories

I personally think that integrating BlackBerry Spark Communications Services will be a game-changer for us. Nothing else on the market has the functionality now offered by SafetyNet, and the industry has never had anything like it before.

E. Jay Saunders, Founder & CEO,
Domus Semo Sancus

We describe Kaneoh as a fullstack product management platform – and communication is a key layer of the stack, the glue that keeps everything together. That’s what Spark Communications Services is allowing us to do. It plays into our vision of secure business being for everyone.

Alex Trup, Co-founder & Marketing Director,

In today’s world, security is an increasingly important element of digital environments. Being a valuable Technical or Software Solutions Provider means offering clients a trusted and strong security posture. BlackBerry has long been an industry leader for secure solutions, and so BlackBerry Spark Communications Services helps to ensure your portfolio remains protected at all times.

Nick Scozzaro, Founder & CEO,



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