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BlackBerry Workspaces Features

Secure Content Collaboration

BlackBerry® Workspaces provides dedicated apps for all major device platforms, including Windows® and macOS desktop, iOS and Android™, as well as the Workspaces secure web app on any platform using an HTML5-compliant browser.  Files can be stored on the device for offline access.  

The Workspaces Outlook plug-in places file sharing directly in the Outlook UI, making it easy to share Workspaces files directly from the Outlook mail client. Users can also open files directly from Workspaces into Office Online where they can be edited and saved back into Workspaces.  

Workspaces supports iManage as an external repository to access iManage content on mobile devices, and provides the ability to share iManage content to external parties.

Users can share files directly from their personal workspace with others, from the Workspaces user app, from the Workspaces Outlook plugin or any communication medium, by cutting and pasting an HTML link to the document.  

Users can choose which workspaces they want to sync automatically to and from on each of their devices.  When a new version of a file is saved to a synced workspace, the new version is automatically pushed up to the server and out to all devices, so users always have the latest version of the document.

Each user receives a personal workspace where they can store, share and sync files up to 10GB in a multi-layered folder structure. The personal workspace is synchronized to, and accessible from, all the user’s devices via the Workspaces app or any HTML5-compliant web browser. Workspace also keeps a history of document versions, with the option to revert to older versions.

In the Collaborate and Secure Plus Editions, administrators and users can set up group workspaces that are accessible by multiple users.  When any collaborator makes edits to a document, or adds comments or @mentions, changes are automatically accessible to all collaborators.

The Secure Plus edition offers premium collaboration features:

  • File Locking:  Users can lock files in order to prevent version conflicts.
  • Read Receipt: Requires read acknowledgment for files presented in Workspaces viewers
  • E-Signature:  Integration with Docusign supports use cases where e-signatures are required as part of the document sharing process.
  • Integration:  Workspaces can be deployed directly into the SFDC user interface. 
  • Advanced Version History Management: Manage versions based on a X daily, Y weekly, Z monthly concept
Integration with iManage File Sharing

Best-in-class Security

Workspaces supports one-time password (OTP) or user/password authentication.  It also supports two-factor authentication (2FA) via BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity.

Files are encrypted at rest on the server, in transit while being shared and downloaded, and while in use on any device.  Workspaces encryption uses FIPS 140-2 compliant libraries, which conform to the highest security standards of customers in government, defense and regulated industries.

With Workspaces, users have the full ability to control the key used to encrypt data and have full control over who can access files. 

Workspaces file-level security wraps files in a layer of encryption and applies access controls so that only authorized users can access files, even after they have been shared and downloaded by external collaborators. Senders can restrict and control recipients’ ability to view, edit, copy, print, download and forward files.  

Workspaces offers unmatched file sharing security:

  • Share documents in view-only mode
  • Apply a watermark to files that contains the viewer’s name and email address
  • Use “spotlight” view to show only a portion of the document within the viewer
  • Set an expiration date on recipients’ file access
  • Revoke or change access permissions at any time

Permissions can be assigned to individual users, groups and at the domain level. Access and security controls can be set at the file, folder and workspace level.

Workspaces offers unique ransomware recovery features in the Collaborate and Secure Plus Editions:

  • Quickly identify affected files, folders and workspaces
  • Granular controls to selectively roll back impacted users, files and folders
  • Administrator has tools to quickly respond and recover without outside support

Seamless Enterprise Integration

Manage all users from a central location for unified user, device and app management.  The Workspaces admin console is fully integrated with BlackBerry® UEM and BlackBerry® Dynamics to support all Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) needs.

Users can be easily managed and assigned specific permissions, capabilities and roles determined by job requirements.  Custom roles can be defined and applied according to business needs.

In the Collaborate and Secure Plus Editions, permissions can be managed:

  • At the file, folder and workspace level
  • At the user, group and domain level

BlackBerry Workspaces provides connectors for Microsoft content repositories (SharePoint, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Windows File Shares (CIFS)), Dropbox, and many CMIS-compliant data stores such as iManage, OpenText, Alfresco, HP Trim, IBM FileNet and many others. 

Leverage Active Directory groups in the Collaborate and Secure Plus Editions for access and permissions management.

In the Collaborate and Secure Plus Editions, Workspaces provides integration with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and anti-virus solutions, plus integration with SIEM solutions for system monitoring and response.

Use the Workspaces development tools with the Secure Plus Edition to integrate it into your existing apps and business processes.  The SDK provides access to the Workspaces REST API, Java SDK and .NET SDK (subject to volume restrictions).

Leverage the BlackBerry Cloud with any Workspaces Edition, deploy on-premises with either Collaborate or Secure Plus, or use a hybrid approach with Secure Plus.

Customize the Workspaces web UI by replacing the Workspaces logo with an image of your choice in the Collaborate Edition. Workspaces Secure Plus enables the solution to be fully branded, including the mobile apps, customized links and product name.


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