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Developing embedded software is a complex process. A modern car, for example, has over 100 million lines of code. This deployed software product is built by several tiers of suppliers, often without shared standards between them. Suppliers rarely provide access to source code. Each software component may contain potential vulnerabilities that could lead to expensive product recalls and potential brand damage. How do you ensure the integrity of your build process?


BlackBerry® Jarvis™ is a transformational, binary static application security testing (SAST) platform that can help automakers and other embedded developers secure their software supply chains. Through cutting-edge system exploration technology, BlackBerry Jarvis inspects compiled software in an easy, quick, scalable and cost-effective way, and delivers deep insights into security vulnerabilities and craftsmanship of deployed software.

Binary scanning without limitation
  • Scan software components during development as well as the final deployed product
  • Assess and remediate all facets of the secure SDLC
  • Customize the service to your organization’s specific, as well as industry standards
Breadth and depth of analysis
  • Access to the “Gold Standard” BlackBerry cybersecurity best practices
  • Broad architecture support for automotive and embedded applications
  • Intuitive dashboards with CVSS scoring and powerful drill-down analytics
Evergreen Software-as-a-Service
  • Automate your SDLC with easy integration into agile processes
  • Stay ahead of attackers with the latest technology and feature additions
  • Assess software quality at a fraction of the time and cost of manual inspection

BlackBerry Jarvis Product Brief

Get an overview of BlackBerry Jarvis including key product features, architecture support, security and standards compliance, and a sample caution metrics dashboard.

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Why binary scanning is critical for securing your software supply chain.

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