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BlackBerry Drives Efficiency at This Austrian Transportation Firm

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The Organization

Headquartered in Lambach, Gartner KG is Austria´s largest family-owned transport company. It operates 20 locations in 9 countries, including a far-reaching network of warehouses. With more than 1700 carrying units, 2300 trailers and 1300 containers, Gartner KG’s fleet covers a daily distance of nearly 1 million kilometers across Europe.

The Challenge

Because Gartner KG’s drivers make time-sensitive deliveries across such vast distances, and because transports are often influenced by unforeseeable circumstances like accidents or traffic jams, keeping in contact with dispatchers and clients is essential.

Communication between the driver and the dispatcher is handled via a central Transportation Management System. A driver can ping the system to have their message delivered to an assigned dispatcher or on-duty contact. A working, secure email infrastructure was essential to this, as were mobile devices. Initially, Gartner KG met its needs through a fleet of company-owned smartphones. For a time, this worked. Eventually, however, the company ran into an issue.

“The dispatchers weren’t bringing their company device along with them – they’d leave their company phone at home,” says Markus Fuerlinger, Gartner KG’s CIO. “Since the company phone was the only number the driver was given, this meant they were unreachable. It was a huge communications breakdown.”

It quickly became clear that if Gartner KG was going to convince its dispatchers to use company-owned devices, it would need to update both its inventory and its MDM solution. At the same time, Gartner KG couldn’t simply put these devices uncontrolled into the hands of its employees. The company needed a way to reliably deploy and secure them.

Gartner KG needed a solution that would let it offer more device options to its employees. This solution needed to support BlackBerry® 10, iOS®, and Android® together without compromising the company’s security. Further, it needed to do this while adhering to the EU’s data privacy regulations – regulations that are far stricter than in the United States.

“Many of our clients are global players, and they come to us with the expectation of high-level security,” explains Fuerlinger. “They need to be assured that their contracts, quotes, and communiques with us remain confidential. But we also needed to keep our employees satisfied, to let them use the devices they wanted to use.”

With BlackBerry, we have a single solution that’s able to manage every device in our organization. Our employees are better able to communicate with one another, and we have the flexibility to give them the devices they want to use. We’ve saved both time and money – and that’s excellent.

Markus Fuerlinger CIO,
Gartner KG

The Solution

After evaluating several solutions – including Samsung, Cellwe, MobileIron, and AirWatch – Gartner KG eventually decided on Good Technology, just before it was purchased by BlackBerry. The choice, says Fuerlinger, was based on Good’s container. It was the most secure on the market, and also one of the easiest to deploy.

BlackBerry’s acquisition of Good Technology only further cemented Gartner KG’s decision.

“We decided to stay on with BlackBerry after they acquired Good Technology due to a combination of factors,” says Fuerlinger. “We knew they offered better security than any of their competitors. The VPN connections and BlackBerry’s infrastructure made secure remote access incredibly easy. Additionally, we knew the BlackBerry® Dynamics container was secure, easy to use, and resource-light.”

“Moreover,” continues Fuerlinger, “we knew we could handle our BlackBerry devices easier than with other solutions. We still have several employees who want to stay with BlackBerry, so being able to offer that flexibility is significant.”

At the time of writing, Gartner KG has deployed BlackBerry UEM® to manage a fleet of 450 company-owned devices. Though they primarily run on Samsung® Android™, several employees use BlackBerry 10 and iOS. The firm has also provided its employees with BlackBerry® Work for email, IM, and access to corporate intranet, secured within the Blackberry Dynamics container.

“Right now, we have a simple policy: don’t bring your own device,” says Fuerlinger. “We don’t want our employees using private devices to keep in contact with clients. Our policy is no private data allowed via company email, as well.”

The Results

Since choosing BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry Work, Gartner KG has seen a number of benefits, including reduced costs, greater deployment flexibility, better communication, and happier employees. It has enjoyed these benefits while remaining assured that its devices – and all the data they contain – are completely secure.

Excellent Support: What stood out most to Fuerlinger was how quickly BlackBerry responded to his inquiries – and how receptive the company was to his needs. After he sent an email to BlackBerry, he received a callback within the day. The representative who spoke to him was incredibly helpful, says Fuerlinger.

Reduced Costs: Because communication is done entirely via GPRS M2M networks with a custom app, drivers can send status updates and text messages to dispatchers without worrying about roaming costs. Integration between Gartner KG’s TMS and BlackBerry’s infrastructure further guarantees that customers and employees can stay in contact with drivers at all times.

Employee Satisfaction: Through the implementation of BlackBerry’s solutions, Gartner KG has been able to greatly improve the device experience for its employees. Users are happy that they can use BlackBerry Work on whatever device they choose. That flexibility, says Fuerlinger, is important.

Better Communication: Thanks to BlackBerry, it’s far easier for drivers and dispatchers to keep in touch with one another. Documents can be easily shared through BlackBerry Work, and communication with clients can be easily maintained. This in turn allows the firm to provide its clients with greater visibility into its delivery process, with concrete updates on the location of a truck at any given time.

Gartner KG’s TMS also works seamlessly with BlackBerry Work and its custom app. If the dispatcher triggers a request by mail, the TMS automatically sends a truck’s GPS position and order status. This ensures greater overall visibility into the delivery process, and better results across the board.

Future Plans: Currently, Gartner KG is in the process of updating its vehicle fleet, equipping trailers and containers with advanced sensors and providing its drivers with tablets connected to an updated fleet management system. Though this project is still in its nascent stages, Fuerlinger has acknowledged the possibility of implementing BlackBerry® Radar.

Organization Profile 

Industry Transport
Employees 3,450
Location  Austria