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Interface SymmetricKeyDecryptorEngine

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All Known Implementing Classes:
TripleDESDecryptorEngine, SkipjackDecryptorEngine, RC5DecryptorEngine, RC2DecryptorEngine, DESDecryptorEngine, CAST128DecryptorEngine, AESDecryptorEngine

public interface SymmetricKeyDecryptorEngine
extends BlockDecryptorEngine

Provided for type safety. It does not implement any necessary functionality but rather is used to ensure that certain types of padding or modes are not used with inappropriate ciphers. For example, RSA should not be used with CFB mode so we need to ensure that only symmetric key engines can be used for CFB.

Signed: This element is only accessible by signed clients. If you intend to use this element, please contact RIM to establish the necessary agreements that will allow you to have your COD files signed. Signing is only required for use on the device, development under the JDE can occur without signing the CODs.

JDE 3.6.0

Methods inherited from interface net.rim.device.api.crypto.BlockDecryptorEngine
decrypt, getAlgorithm, getBlockLength

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