Protecting Our World - Securing Your Future

Our Vision

A connected world, in which you are safe and your data is yours.


Our Mission

To be the world’s leading provider of end-to-end mobility solutions that are the most secure and trusted.

Transforming and Empowering Securely Connected Organizations

The Internet of Things represents the next great wave in business transformation. BlackBerry is leading the way with a single platform for securing, managing and optimizing how intelligent endpoints are deployed in the enterprise, enabling our customers to stay ahead of the technology curve that will reshape every industry.



BlackBerry Quick Facts


23% of revenue invested in R&D

37,600+ patents

18 major development centers in 7 countries


Second quarter fiscal 2020 total Company non-GAAP revenue of $261 million, 22% growth year-over-year

Second quarter fiscal 2020 total non-GAAP Software and Services revenue of $256 million, 30% growth year-over-year

Fourteenth consecutive quarter of non-GAAP operating income

$938 million of cash at August 31, 2019

NYSE: BB; TSX: BlackBerry

*As of September 24, 2019


All 7 of the G7 governments, 16 of the G20 governments

9 of the top 10 global financial services brands

9 of the 10 largest automotive OEMs

7 of the 7 largest automotive Tier Ones

8 of the 10 largest aerospace and defense companies

8 of the 10 largest healthcare companies

All 5 of the largest media companies


Global Headquarters: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Operations in: 30 countries

Founded in: 1984

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It's time to get the image of people in the late '90s frantically typing on their CrackBerries out of your head. That's BlackBerry's past. Software and services that BlackBerry makes for other companies is its future. And it looks like a bright one.


The self-driving car — equipped with BlackBerry QNX software designed in Ottawa — is no mere hunk of metal. It’s the culmination of years of innovation and effort, a source of futuristic inspiration for Ottawa.

Ottawa Citizen

BlackBerry is back – this time as a software company – and it’s focusing on growing its channel strategy as a way to strengthen its cyber security solutions.

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