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Cyber Threat Intelligence from BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Threat and Intelligence team works 24x7x365 to hold the line against threat actors and cyberattacks, identifying and stopping threats no one has ever seen before.

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Recent BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence Alerts

Initial Implants and Network Analysis Suggest the 3CX Supply Chain Operation Goes Back to Fall 2022
Business communications supplier 3CX suffered a compromise, with several trojanized versions of their VOIP software 3CXDesktopApp deployed worldwide. 
CISO Brief: NOBELIUM Targets EU Governments Assisting Ukraine
In March 2023, BlackBerry researchers observed a new campaign targeting European Union countries, specifically those aiding Ukraine. 
Blind Eagle Deploys Fake UUE Files and Fsociety to Target Colombia's Judiciary, Financial, Public, and Law Enforcement Entities
APT-C-36, also known as Blind Eagle, has been actively targeting organizations in Colombia and Ecuador since at least 2019. 
Software Supply Chains: A Major Challenge for Cybersecurity

Software Supply Chains: A Major Challenge for Cybersecurity

Unknown components and a lack of visibility into the software supply chain introduce blind spots containing potential vulnerabilities that can wreak havoc across not just one enterprise, but several. Learn how organizations manage the risk of security breaches from their supply chains, related communication challenges, and the ramifications of governmental oversight of open-source software.

Live and On-Demand Webinars

Global Threat Intelligence Report Insights–January 2023

BlackBerry cyber threat intelligence (CTI) experts discuss today’s most prominent threat actors—who are currently targeting multiple industries worldwide. Who are they? What are their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), and what tools do they use to target Windows®, macOS®, Linux®, and Android™ devices? Get the latest findings and tips on how to reduce risks associated with these threat actors.

Contextual Threat Intelligence: How CISOs Can Level Up Their Cyber Defenses

BlackBerry Editorial Director Steve Kovsky, Vice President of Threat Research and Intelligence Ismael Valenzuela, and Most Distinguished Threat Researcher Dmitry Bestuzhev discuss BlackBerry’s new contextual CTI subscription service. 

What Is CylanceINTELLIGENCE and How Can It Help?

Empower your security teams with CylanceINTELLIGENCE™, a subscription CTI service that helps organizations avoid breaches by delivering contextual threat intelligence designed for preventing, hunting, and responding to dynamic attacks.

Meet the Global Team Representatives

Ismael Valenzuela
Vice President, Threat Research and Intelligence
Dmitry Bestuzhev
Most Distinguished Threat Researcher 
Anuj Soni
Principal Threat Researcher
Eoin Healy
Senior Threat Researcher
Dean Given
Senior Threat Researcher
David Galazin
Senior Threat Researcher
Jose Luis Sanchez
Senior Threat Researcher
Pedro Drimel
Threat Researcher, Consultant
Ieva Rutkovska
Senior Threat Researcher 
Jacob Faires
Senior Threat Researcher
Masaki Kasuya
Principal Threat Researcher
Natasha Rohner
Principal Threat Research Publisher