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Asset Tracking Engineered for Intelligence

Solve for your most common transportation and logistics challenges with BlackBerry® Radar—for tracking trailers, intermodal containers & chassis, equipment, railcars and more.

All BlackBerry Radar tracking data is secured with BlackBerry encryption and authentication services; the devices are powered by BlackBerry® QNX®, our OS for embedded systems. BlackBerry Radar devices are rugged and low maintenance, equipped with batteries that can last as much as five years.

Solutions for Tough Industries

Trailer Tracking

Increase trailer utilization, decrease trailer ratios, improve performance and save driver and dispatcher time.

Chassis and Flatbed Tracking

Improve chassis utilization, improve performance, save driver time and prevent unauthorized use.

Intermodal Container Tracking

Improve container utilization, reduce idle time and maximize cube space.

Equipment Tracking

Improve equipment utilization and prevent theft and unauthorized use.

Railcar Tracking and Monitoring

Improve railcar operations and visibility.
Purpose-Built Asset Tracking Devices

Purpose-Built Asset Tracking Devices

BlackBerry Radar® is a complete asset tracking solution that provides reliable trailer, chassis, containers and equipment positioning data. Our ruggedized GPS asset tracking devices are easy to install, low maintenance and long-lasting to minimize operational disruptions and maximize your ROI.

Why Is Asset Tracking Important?

Asset tracking allows you to improve your service offerings and increase your asset utilization—ultimately leading to a better bottom line. You’ll be able to bill on actual asset usage and optimize personnel productivity by reducing wasted time for drivers, eliminating activity logs and automating yard checks. The risk of theft is greatly reduced with real-time GPS asset tracking sensor alerts. Plan better routes, minimize wasted cargo space and streamline your workflow with BlackBerry Radar GPS tracking.

Dashboards and Reporting:

Powerful Analytics, Actionable Insights, Easy-to-Use PortalThe online BlackBerry Radar portal includes customizable dashboards, reports and tools—providing insightful data to help you optimize asset use.

Measure and understand how your assets are being used

Increase your asset utilization

Grow your operations without buying or leasing new assets

Increase personnel productivity

Improve driver satisfaction

Improve financial forecasting accuracy

Optimize timing for maintenance

Global Companies Trust BlackBerry Radar


Learn why the best transportation and logistics companies rely on BlackBerry Radar for secure asset tracking.


Our partners have chosen to work with BlackBerry Radar because our technologies reflect the high standards of the best technology in the market today.  


BlackBerry Radar is proud to support the transportation and logistics community through sponsorships of associations across North America.

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