Critical Event Management

Respond Smarter, Faster, and Better

Emergencies and business disruptions happen. It’s how you prepare and respond to them that determines their impact. Our critical event management solutions combine a secure emergency notification system with incident response tools and capabilities—so you can quickly deploy your response teams and enable them to better prepare for, respond to and recover from critical events faster.

Keeps Business Running and Your People Safe

Give your leaders and team members the tools and information they need now so they can respond to and recover from critical events and incidents faster.

Protect the Public and Government Employees

Empower leaders with awareness and control to protect and communicate with colleagues, communities and the public during a crisis or disaster while satisfying strict security requirements.


What is critical event management?

Critical event management, also called CEM, enhances incident response, emergency management and business continuity programs through the use of technology. When integrated in a reliable secure platform, critical event management tools enable organizations to prepare for, respond to and recover from critical events faster. In turn, a faster response can mitigate the effects of the event and lower costs.

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Who needs critical event management?

Even well-prepared organizations are challenged to detect, respond to and recover from threats such as cyberattacks, IT outages, extreme weather and public safety incidents. Critical event management fills the gaps through secure technology and planning tools and capabilities. Businesses can get the trusted and timely information their leaders and team members need to enhance business processes and resolve critical incidents faster. Public sector agencies can better protect their employees and the public while providing their leaders with awareness and control during a crisis.

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Why use a critical event management platform?

A critical event management platform enables you to better prepare for, respond to and recover from unforeseen threats and both natural and man-made disasters. These platforms align with today’s realities, which include a dispersed workforce and more frequent and intense critical events.

A secure, comprehensive, and fully integrated critical event management platform helps organizations of all types and sizes to:

1.      Provide staff and response teams earlier warnings of threats.
2.      Automate incident response with likely event scenarios and message templates.
3.      Deliver real-time, targeted or mass two-way notification over multiple channels.
4.      Integrate with enterprise tools such as Microsoft Teams®, Workday® and ServiceNow®.
5.      Offer real-time visibility into people’s safety and status.
6.      Facilitate the constant exchange of accurate, up-to-date, geo-tagged information.
7.      Enhance post-event analyses to improve future responses.
8.      Keep detailed incident logs for audits. 

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How does critical event management improve COVID-19 pandemic response?

In 2020, many office workers were sent home to work remotely. Employers used critical event management solutions to manage critical communications with dispersed workforces anywhere, anytime, on any device. In 2021, governments and employers began implementing COVID-19 vaccination mandates and company vaccination policies as workers transitioned back to the office. A secure and automated vaccination status tracking system based on critical event management solutions helps employers ensure data privacy and adhere to COVID-19 vaccination and testing policies effectively.

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How can I reduce the costs and impacts of critical events?

The best way to counter the costs and impacts of critical events is to invest in a critical event management platform and use it to implement and automate a comprehensive and effective plan. This results in faster response and recovery, which can lessen the negative impact of critical events on your people, assets and operations. Most importantly, it can eliminate siloed, manual and disjointed technologies and processes that increase response times and limit situational awareness.

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Is a managed service right for my critical event management program?

You can quickly establish and easily maintain a critical event management capability with 24x7x365 access to critical event management experts through a managed service. BlackBerry has the expertise to complement your existing critical event management program. BlackBerry® critical event management solutions meet secure communication and business needs, complying with international standards such as ISO 22301 and other business resilience standards, as well as ISO/IEC 27001:2013–Information Security Management System Certified and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). From fully managed solutions to assistance integrating with your existing systems, we can help.

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Need more resources or expertise? Our Managed Service enables your organization to benefit from 24x7x365 support from critical event management experts. We help you prepare with proven workflows and playbooks, and we manage alerts, monitor your critical incidents and send notifications for you.

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