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CylanceEDGE — Security Service Edge

Our Security Service Edge (SSE) solution consolidates security services, enables fast, secure connectivity to your public or private apps and data, and makes work from anywhere, on any device, enjoyable for your users. 

Simplify and Secure Hybrid Work While Transforming Network Security

Hybrid workforces require streamlined access to private, public and SaaS applications anywhere, on any device. Legacy security solutions and VPNs can't adequately support remote work, resulting in security gaps, unhappy users, and complicated administration.

Learn about the key elements required to accelerate your SSE journey.

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Enable Secure Access to Any App from Anywhere

CylanceEDGE™ delivers anywhere, anytime, secure access to private, public  and SaaS apps while protecting your users and securing your data and applications. 
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Detect and stop zero-day threats

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Enable "always on" safe browsing with Safe Mode

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Prevent threat actors from putting data and applications at risk

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Stop users from accessing potentially harmful websites

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Prevent Breaches

Offers industry-leading threat detection using Cylance® AI to reduce risk and simplify operations. 
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Segment applications and prevent lateral movement with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

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Continuously authorize and authenticate application access

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Utilize identity- and context-aware access control policies

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Identify, inventory, and protect sensitive data

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Enhance the End-User Experience

CylanceEDGE improves user satisfaction and optimizes app access—no matter where a user is.
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Fast connection speeds improve the user experience

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Optimized connectivity and application availability to enable work from anywhere

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Eliminate legacy solution “traffic jams” caused by backhauling traffic

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Benefit from fewer logins and less clunky authentication

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Administer and Scale Easily

Our cloud-native solution helps save time and money by eliminating the need to buy and maintain hardware stacks.
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Reduce your reliance on VPN gateways, remote access servers, firewalls, load balancers, or DDoS protection solutions

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Streamline application onboarding with one-click connectivity to the most popular SaaS apps, including Microsoft 365® and Google Workspace™

Consolidate Security Services to Address Critical Use Cases

By unifying security services in the cloud, CylanceEDGE reduces costs and complexity associated with enabling secure access to private resources and apps.


Zero Trust Network Access segments apps and enables continuous authentication and authorization to any app from any device and any location.


Secure Web Gateway improves visibility and control of traffic to the Internet and SaaS apps.


Cloud Access Security Broker manages and enforces security policy for cloud services.


Firewall as a Service secures traffic, stops threats, and enforces policy across all ports and protocols with URL filtering and DNS tunneling protection.

Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing, similar to Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), protects users from risky, uncategorized, malicious websites at all times with Safe Mode. 

Data Security

Identify, inventory, and monitor data throughout your organization.

Simplified Management

Access unified alerts in a single venue console to enhance cyber resiliency.

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