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Managed Detection and Response

Scale Your Security Operations, Not Your Costs

A managed detection and response (MDR) solution helps scale your security operations without increasing headcount or resources. It lets you focus on your business without worrying about cybersecurity coverage. An ideal MDR solution lets you "bring your own stack" and use the security solutions you're already invested in.

Interconnected Challenges and Trends

You may already have the right cybersecurity solutions in place. But without visibility across your security stack — and the personnel to manage it — your organization may not be able to quickly respond to the growing number of sophisticated, hidden threats.

Evolving Adversaries Evolving Adversaries Evolving Adversaries

Evolving Adversaries

AI-equipped attackers are becoming more effective, and ransomware and breaches are widespread. It's a matter of when, not if, an employee clicks into a convincing phishing email.
 Limited Resources  Limited Resources  Limited Resources

Limited Resources

Mid-sized organizations need enterprise-level security but often struggle with limited resources. Most are seeking cost-effective ways to improve expertise or add investigative capabilities.
Security Continuity Security Continuity Security Continuity

Security Continuity

Having a consistent team of qualified cybersecurity professionals is crucial to your security stack. Turnover disrupts the continuity of operations and can leave an organization vulnerable to attacks.
Complicated Security Stacks Complicated Security Stacks Complicated Security Stacks

Complicated Security Stacks

Many organizations grapple with a diverse, and possibly fragmented, security stack. Are there redundancies, or even vulnerabilities? Regular reviews are overwhelming and time-consuming, adding to the stress of daily business demands.

Use a Real Solution for Today's Very Real Cyberthreats

In the Beginning, There Was Cylance AI

Unlike generic AI models, our models have trained for years, learning from real-world data about real-world threats. The deep learning algorithms analyze vast datasets: the model evolves with the dynamic nature of cyberthreats, growing more intelligent and effective with every interaction. Threats are identified and neutralized before they can impact your business.

Real Threat Hunting: Beyond IOCs

Real threat hunting goes beyond traditional methods, which often rely on Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). A proactive strategy seeks out threats that have yet to trigger alerts. Using our advanced AI tools, our expert threat hunters continuously analyze network activity to detect anomalies and threats in their earliest stages.

Real IR: Beyond Containment

This comprehensive Incident Response (IR) approach ensures that you recover from an incident better prepared for any future challenges. Our IR team investigates the incident's cause, providing detailed recommendations to prevent future breaches. Digital forensics services analyze and preserve evidence, documenting any malicious activities for further action.
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Expert Help at the Push of a Button

Expert Help at the Push of a Button

Even established security teams may lack in-house expertise in deep investigation and advanced threat response. CylanceMDR On-Demand provides specialized support when your security team needs to do a deep dive to address a complex critical security threat. Benefit from additional expert assistance when you need it — all at the push of a button.

How CylanceMDR Can Help

Protecting your business against cybercrime can feel overwhelming, especially if you're a small business with limited resources. Our MDR solution provides you with around-the-clock AI-driven threat protection and readily available resources, so you can focus on your core business. Backed by a $1M guarantee.

Flexible and Extensible

Built on a cloud-native open XDR architecture. The expansive ecosystem of prebuilt integrations allows seamless integration with your existing security stack. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in and hello to a flexible, scalable solution.

Full Attack-Surface Visibility

Access an integrated “single pane of glass” platform for visibility of the entire attack surface that monitors telemetry and logs sources for all endpoints, devices, servers, cloud environments, and more.

Reduce Risk and Incident Costs

Improve mean time to detection (MTTD), mean time to investigate (MTTI), and mean time to respond (MTTR) by reducing false positives. With detection rates above 98 percent, you can neutralize both online and offline threats before compromises occur.

Cylance® AI-Driven Security

CylanceMDR uses an AI model that began training on real-world data years before legacy competitors even considered the technology. With this head start, our AI is stops more threats earlier in the attack chain, with less effort and disruption than competing solutions.

IR, Forensics and Threat Hunting

Equip your organization with top-tier incident response and forensic capabilities. CylanceMDR offers automated, guided, and active response models, along with expert-led, hypothesis-driven threat hunting and 24x7 alert monitoring.

Painless to Onboard

With no mandatory sensor to install, your organization can be up and running without the heavy lift of deploying any endpoint-based sensor componentry.
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Ready to Take Your Cybersecurity to the Next Level?

Ready to Take Your Cybersecurity to the Next Level?

Watch this CylanceMDR demo to discover:
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Display of key security metrics on escalations and analyst performance

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Securely communicated alerts

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Overview of devices active on the network

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Threat source heat map

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In-depth reporting on the leading convicted scripts and processes on various devices

*CylanceGUARD is now known as CylanceMDR.