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In a crisis, every second counts. When coordinating responses to emergencies and business disruptions, every delayed notification, update or decision can impede response efforts. Critical event management (CEM) solutions provide the ability to prepare, respond and recover when the unexpected happens.

Coordinating Crisis Response When Every Second Matters

When critical events occur, public and private organizations face challenges in coordinating an effective emergency response. This impacts the ability to react and share information quickly and accurately when lives are at stake.


When incidents hit, you need to resolve them quickly. Fragmented systems, incompatible tools and insecure workarounds can delay responses when speed is critical.


Outdated, incompatible, or piecemeal systems can compromise emergency efforts. Modern technology expedites decision-making to mobilize resources immediately.


The best outcomes depend on valid information. Stakeholders must have confidence that shared data and communication is accurate and secure.

The Clear Benefits of CEM Solutions 

A modern CEM solution streamlines urgent communication, coordinates response efforts and helps you respond when it matters most.

Quickly Assess Scope

Organizations with a CEM platform are 70% more likely to analyze and understand the scope of an event's impact in minutes or less.

Coordinate Faster

Stakeholders can see resolution in a matter of minutes and are 3x more likely to resolve critical events in less than 24 hours.​

Limit Revenue Loss

Cutting edge solutions allow organizations to protect valued resources. They are twice as likely to see no or limited impact to revenue loss from critical events​.

Remain Compliant

A modern CEM system allows you to maintain a fully auditable trail for complete transparency to meet the strictest of regulations. 

Purpose-built for Crisis Communication

BlackBerry® AtHoc® helps you respond when it matters most. Purposely built for real-time collaboration under pressure, you can mobilize resources immediately based on accurate, up-to-the-minute data.

The Most Certified CEM Solution Out There​

BlackBerry AtHoc maintains stringent global certifications. Our continuous monitoring, failover testing and compliance ensure critical services are delivered through a secure platform.

Expert Guidance, Always On Call

Our global support infrastructure stands at the ready, ensuring seamless assistance 24x7x365 via phone and email. Dedicated experts protect users and assets through any disruption.​​

Fast Implementation

Get fully operative and navigate quickly with pre-configured plans, dashboards and automated playbooks. The intuitive user interface remains accessible even amid crises.​

Flexible Deployment Options

On-prem, hosted SaaS or hybrid options. From fully managed services to autonomous management, our team can customize protection, visibility and control strategies for your environment.​

Faster Time to Value

The platform can be up and running in days. With a dual use for both crisis response and daily operations, the cost is amortized to speed return on investment. 

Architected for Resilience​

Features built-in failover capabilities and redundancies to ensure operational stability even during major outages or disruptions.​

Trusted Leaders in Public Safety and Emergency Management