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Mobilize Your Workforce, Securely

BlackBerry® Work combines enterprise email, calendar, contacts, presence, document access, document editing and more. Your users can complete any business workflow on-the-go—without returning to their desktops.    

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What’s New in BlackBerry Work

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Advanced Mailbox Delegation

Admins and other employees with shared mailbox access can now send, reply and forward email, and save messages to drafts, all on a mobile device.

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Azure RMS Support

Users can now open Azure-RMS protected email attachments within the BlackBerry Work viewer. As long as the user has the correct permissions, the file will be decrypted when it’s received.

External Sender Warning

Users receive warnings for messages from unauthorized sender domains, allowing them to be more aware when accessing the email’s content.

Native Microsoft apps on mobile image

Native Microsoft Apps on Mobile

Previously, users would have to edit Office files outside their company’s managed application environment. BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE gives them secure, seamless use of Microsoft mobile apps.    

Give Users a Rich, Seamless Experience

Take your business mobile without sacrificing security. Unlike MDM-based solutions, BlackBerry Work’s next-generation containerization protects all business data on corporate-owned and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). It allows employees to communicate faster and collaborate more effectively, speeding the pace of decision-making.

Users can experience full enterprise email, including instant notification of key messages, conversation view, and shared calendars. Everything that can be done on a desktop can be done on a mobile device.

  • View, edit, and send attachments to speed up collaboration
  • Be instantly notified of important messages
  • Manage inboxes with smart folders to stay organized
  • Mute email notification during Do Not Disturb hours
  • Receive warnings for messages from unauthorized sender domains
  • Add, reply, forward and view advanced Email Classifications seamlessly

By integrating the calendar into the collaborative experience, BlackBerry Work allows users to easily manage their business calendars, including shared calendars. Never miss a meeting again.

  • Schedule or change meetings with one tap
  • Check free/busy status to align with everyone’s schedules
  • See your obligations for the day with multiple view options
  • Create and join Skype for Business meetings directly from the calendar
  • Mute calendar notifications during Do Not Disturb hours

With BlackBerry Work, users can drive Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations directly from their mobile device. They can easily swipe through slides and use timers in preparation for meetings on-the-go.

Mailbox Delegate enables shared delegated inboxes with the ability to send, reply and forward email, and the ability to save messages to drafts. A typical use case is for an admin with access to executive mailboxes and calendars to assist with sorting through and actioning the inbox on-the-go. 

Using the BlackBerry® Dynamics Launcher, which houses all enterprise business tools, users can effortlessly switch between email, calendar, contacts and other business apps. This eliminates the need to open and close various apps to complete workflows, saving time. IT can put any enterprise app in the Launcher to increase app discovery, and deliver specific apps to the users that need them.    

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Build a Bridge between BlackBerry Work and Microsoft Office

Learn more about BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE

BlackBerry® Enterprise BRIDGE provides a highly secure option for seamlessly using native Microsoft® mobile apps on iOS and Android™ from BlackBerry® Dynamics™ apps.

  • Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word and Excel® files display correctly on all devices
  • Data is securely containerized
  • The same files can be worked on across Windows® 10, macOS, iOS and Android

Protect Your Data

Azure-RMS Protected Files

BlackBerry Work supports decryption and viewing of Azure Rights-Managed Files. When a user receives an Azure-RMS protected file in an email attachment, the file will be decrypted and viewed directly within the BlackBerry Work viewer if the user has the correct permissions. Azure-RMS protection ensures that only users with correct permissions can access the files.

Industry-leading Containerization

With next-generation containerization, IT can separate business data and personal information. Built on BlackBerry® Dynamics.

BlackBerry Work has FIPS-validated cryptography, Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification and years of usage in the most demanding industries.

Understanding app usage with analytics

BlackBerry Work includes the built-in BlackBerry® Analytics, which tracks app metrics for Dynamics and custom apps, such as daily and monthly usage, duration of use, device type usage, and daily active users. It also tracks user engagement by feature, so that you know which business tool is being used the most. IT can add custom metrics to get an even deeper understanding of app usage.

Download the BlackBerry Analytics Datasheet

Success Stories

Internal data cannot leave the company at any time. This is an important prerequisite for fulfilling the legal requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)…It was important to us that employees could use the devices as freely as possible. We wanted a secure solution that could be rolled out quickly with newly activated devices…No other company offers a comparable container solution with this range of functions

Marco Fröhlich

Head of the BAUER IT Helpdesk

With BlackBerry, we have a single solution that’s able to manage every device in our organization. Our employees are better able to communicate with one another, and we have the flexibility to give them the devices they want to use. We’ve saved both time and money – and that’s excellent.

Markus Fuerlinger

CIO, Gartner KG

We were looking for a mobility solution that was easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to maintain, and — most importantly — highly secure. BlackBerry provided us with exactly that through BlackBerry Work and BlackBerry UEM. We are extremely pleased with their software – it met all our needs.

Thomas Skjønhaug.

Head of IT Operations and Infrastructure, Oslo Stock Exchange

We are happy with BlackBerry. The intuitive nature of their platform, its ability to support every device, and its high security are all the encouragement we need to stick with it.

Laurence Arterton

Head of Client Support and ICT Services, UNISON

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