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BlackBerry Access Secure Browser

Secure Mobile Browser and Remote Access to Web Apps and Intranet

Enable access to your corporate network from personal or non-corporate managed devices, protecting enterprise data with full containerization to reduce the risk of data leakage.

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Secure Remote Access to Corporate Resources

While on the go, employees often need remote access to corporate intranets and web-based business applications. BlackBerry® Access provides a secure, intuitive user experience for intranet browsing.

BlackBerry Access gives employees access to corporate intranets and apps directly from a secure browser on their personal or non-corporate managed devices.

  • No need to deal with complex VPN procedures, certificates, or authentication
  • Users can access all their business content with just a couple clicks and securely edit Microsoft® PowerPoint and Word documents, even while offline.
  • Corporate email, calendar and contacts are also available on macOS® and Windows® 10.

BlackBerry Access provides an intuitive user experience in a secure browser, resembling common browsers such as Google Chrome.

  • Familiar capabilities such as content downloads, bookmarks and tabbed browsing
  • The ability to capture and save web clips and view streaming video with intuitive player controls 

Improve security posture of BYO and managed devices by preventing users from accessing malicious URLs that can compromise the device and cause data leakage.

  • Real-time URL integrity checking
  • Admin controls for blocking or warning users when malicious URLs are accessed

BlackBerry Access provides a turnkey solution that securely supports users with a wide range of apps, even on devices the enterprise cannot or does not manage. It secures HTML5 web apps in containers, ensuring data never leaves enterprise control, while providing a rich user experience that includes the first HTML5 offline access in a secure browser for Windows and macOS.

BlackBerry Access offers substantial deployment flexibility, allowing businesses to extend corporate intranets and resources to more endpoints.

Enterprises can also configure traffic management in two ways.  Your IT team can either direct all web traffic through the corporate network, or only send traffic destined for the enterprise back into the corporate network.

One-Tap Access to Enterprise Resources Intuitive Browsing for End Users Intuitive Browsing for End Users Secure Containerization Secure HTML5 Apps Flexible Deployment and Management

Extend Business Productivity on macOS and Windows 10

Simplify your Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) program with desktop offerings from BlackBerry, giving you modern alternatives to traditional VPN and VDI solutions.

BlackBerry® Desktop enables users to securely access corporate on-premises or cloud content and resources on their personally owned or non-corporate managed Windows® 10 and macOS® devices. It includes BlackBerry Access as well as BlackBerry® Work, to give your users secure remote access to:

  • Documents
  • Contacts
  • Microsoft® Office 365 apps
  • Intranet websites
  • Cloud-based business apps

BlackBerry® Digital Workplace combines BlackBerry Desktop, secure document editing, CylancePROTECT® and Awingu, to allow employees, contractors and remote workers to securely access behind-the-firewall content anytime, from any device of their choice. 

Find the Perfect Package for You

Choose the BlackBerry® Spark Suite that Meets Your Needs

BlackBerry Spark®


UEM Suite + UES Suite features for full Unified Endpoint Security and Unified Endpoint Management

BlackBerry Spark® UEM Suite

UEM – full features

UEM Express Suite + Regulated Sector Controls; SDK/API & Customer Apps; EFSS/DRM; Identity; UEM Notifications

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