Intermodal and Ocean Container Tracking by BlackBerry Radar

Optimize Your Fleet Use with Scalable Container Monitoring

Limited visibility into container location and status can cause time wasted searching for available containers. Your containers could be under-utilized, and you could be purchasing equipment unnecessarily. BlackBerry Radar® can help you manage your containers by getting you the information you need.
Benefits of BlackBerry Radar

Benefits of BlackBerry Radar

  • Installation takes just 10 minutes.
  • Our devices are designed for the intermodal industry—long-lasting and low maintenance.
  • Our devices are self-contained and ruggedized, with no external wires or charging required.
  • Track location, start/stop and door open/close readings with a single device.
  • Add wireless sensors such as the BlackBerry Radar® A2 Cargo Sensor for cube space use and environmental readings.

Improve Operations with Reliable Visibility into Container Status

Get Started with 10-Minute Installations

Various device placement options for discrete installation, without compromising location accuracy or connectivity.

Optimize Container Utilization

Advanced cargo sensing helps maximize container loading and efficient asset pool management.

Reduce Wasted Time

Accurate location and load status of containers can help address the impact of congestion and reduce wasted driver time.

Prevent Equipment Theft

Event-based visibility into container status, as well as cargo, GPS tracking and tamper alerts.
Dashboards and Reporting

Dashboards and Reporting

Easily access asset accounting, container utilization, dwell and detention reports. You can also quickly identify and locate loaded and unloaded chassis and flatbeds in the BlackBerry Radar portal.

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