Support for BlackBerry Radar Solutions

Online Support

If you are an existing BlackBerry Radar® service customer you can access support information such as installation and user guides through the BlackBerry Radar Application Login link below. You may also submit a case with our customer support team by clicking the BlackBerry Radar Support link and filling in the online form.

Phone Support

If you are an existing BlackBerry Radar service customer you can also contact BlackBerry technical support via the phone for technical questions, service access information, and billing inquiries. If the inquiry concerns a specific BlackBerry Radar device please have the serial number for the device on hand so we can help you more effectively.

Please call 1-844-RADARBB (1-844-723-2722) (Toll Free)

Product Information

BlackBerry Radar is an innovative service for managing trailers, chassis or cargo carrying containers. The service comprises a state-of-the-art, ultra-low maintenance device and easy to use web-based applications that provide continuous asset visibility and near real-time analytics to make your logistics operations more efficient.

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Contact Team

To learn more about the BlackBerry Radar service or to discuss sales, partnerships or other business matters please contact our BlackBerry Radar team.

BlackBerry Radar Sales Team

Recycling Your BlackBerry Radar

Your BlackBerry Radar unit and battery are recyclable where programs exist. If programs are not offered in your area, check with your local government for regulations regarding proper disposal of electronic products. Dispose of your BlackBerry Radar unit and its battery in accordance with the laws and regulations in your area that govern disposal.

British Columbia, Canada

The Return-IT™ Program, managed by the Electronic Products Recycling Association – British Columbia (EPRA-BC) allows customers located in British Columbia to conveniently and responsibly recycle their end-of-life BlackBerry Radar unit.

Find out more at EPRA-BC Return-IT


In Canada, you can recycle your Radar unit through the Call2Recycle® program. For more information, visit