BlackBerry Security Services Incident Response

We can help you resolve cyber incidents.

The best outcomes following a cybersecurity incident occur when organizations have current and comprehensive incident response plans and an incident response consultancy they can trust in place before an incident.

Incident Response

BlackBerry® Security Services can enhance your incident handling and response capabilities, while supporting the development of efficient and robust processes to minimize the impact of any breach.  We provide answers to the questions you have so you can protect your environment during the current attack as well as defend it against future attacks.
  • How did the attacker get into your environment?
  • How did they laterally move within your environment
  • What was the timeframe of the attack?
  • What systems and/or data did they access?  
  • What were their actions and objectives?
  • Did any data exfiltration occur?
  • How can you minimize the risk of a future attack?
Digital Forensic Services

Digital Forensic Services

The BlackBerry Security Services team performs a wide variety of Digital Forensic/Incident Response (DFIR) services for our Clients.  We have a world-class forensic laboratory that we use to securely and efficiently process your forensic matters.

Pre-breach, during a breach or post-breach, the BlackBerry Security Services Digital Forensics/Incident Response team will work with you to quickly secure the chain of evidence and process your data and devices.  We also provide data recovery and media analysis services.

BlackBerry Incident Response Retainer

BlackBerry Incident Response Retainer

The worst time to find an Incident Response provider is when you are dealing with an Incident.  Act now to lock-in access to our Incident Response Experts, and achieve peace of mind.

When you have an incident response retainer with BlackBerry, you get the benefit of reduced rates, service level agreements and guaranteed availability. BlackBerry Security Services offers four levels of Incident Response Retainer with varying levels of prepaid hours to suit your needs and budget.

Business Email Compromise

Your corporate email is a digital goldmine for attackers.  If they gain access, they can learn your secrets, masquerade as you and launch attacks at your company or your clients.  This is why Business Email Compromise (BEC) is one of the fastest growing types of Incidents that we encounter.

If you suspect that an attacker has gained access to your email tenet (O365, Google Workspace, or Exchange), contact us and we can help.  We have multiple ways to investigate and help you mitigate email attacks.