BlackBerry Strategic Services

Force-Multiply Your Security

BlackBerry® Strategic Services can help you understand precisely where your organization’s risks lie and support your organization in maximizing the impact of your security investments and strategy.
Service Overview

Service Overview

BlackBerry Strategic Services offered by BlackBerry® Security Services can help your organization align critical security components (process, technology and people) from a foundational perspective to achieve a state of prevention while reducing overall risk.  Our team has a deep knowledge of compliance, control frameworks and C-Suite experience.

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

As a trusted advisor, the BlackBerry Security Services offers Virtual CISO (vCISO) services to assist organizations with meeting these needs. Our vCISOs are former CISOs themselves and are able to operate across all levels of the organization.  Our vCISOs are also backed by the depth and breadth of the full BlackBerry Security Services Team of experienced consultants to provide additional reach-back capabilities to address client-specific needs.

BlackBerry Security Services has the strategy, expertise, and professionalism to aid organizations from initial assessment to the ongoing management of a cybersecurity program. Our vCISO methodology and approach involve: 

  • Assessing current security programs, strategy, and alignment with business objectives
  • Strategic and tactical planning that reduces financial impact to the organization
  • Implementing solutions and projects from start to finish to enable a more secure business
  • Managing oversight, governance, and daily tactical security operations functions and resources

At The Intersection of Endpoint Protection and Incident Response

Why Every Security Strategy Needs IR — and Vice-Versa

Prevent, Detect, Respond. These are the cornerstones of information security—and they must work in tandem. Yet many organizations treat incident management as separate from their SOC. Learn why that's an issue—and what you should do instead.

Security Assessments and Uplift

Security Assessments

Existing security roadmaps have become obsolete and need to be strengthened to include the intricacies and dynamics of remote work. With a Security Assessment, BlackBerry Security Services can help your organization manage information security risk intelligently with benefits such as:

  • An impartial view and baseline of where you are today
  • A roadmap for where you need to be
  • An executive-ready report and plan that includes efficiency opportunities

Gap Analysis

The BlackBerry Gap Analysis team identifies and prioritizes risks to sensitive information, examining processes, systems and various sources, providing a foundation for crafting effective risk management strategies. This unique BlackBerry approach integrates best practices from industry standards and frameworks, with a core foundation on the SANS CIS Top 18 Critical Security Controls, focusing on Level 1 Controls (IG1), which encompasses 15 of the 20 security controls. 

Custom Staff Augmentation

Finding and hiring a candidate with relevant information security experience is not always easy.  BlackBerry Security Services can offer a tailored staff augmentation, with the goal of becoming an extension of your information security team.  Fill your gaps in staffing with subject matter experts in the following areas:
  • Digital Forensics
  • Incident Response (IR)
  • Threat Hunting
  • SOC Analyst
  • Red Team Analyst
  • ThreatZero®  (For CylancePROTECT®/CylanceOPTICS® clients)

Can your security stack hold up to malicious threat actors without the necessary people, process and technology? Contact BlackBerry Security Services for a consultation and we will help you to uplift your Security!