Ransomware Prevention and Remediation

Your Guide To Best Practices Ransomware Defense

Learn how the BlackBerry native AI platform and portfolio of consulting services solutions help organizations minimize their risks of a ransomware breach by transitioning from a reactive to a prevention-first security posture.

Your Guide To Ransomware Defense Best Practices

Panel Discussion: How To Address a Pervasive and Unrelenting Threat
The panelists recap 2020 ransomware trends, prospects for 2021, attack vectors to prioritize, and best practices for ransomware defense.
Prioritize Your Organization for the 2021 Threatscape
Learn how to defend your organization against current and emerging forms of ransomware, deep fakes, and advanced persistent threats.
Panel Discussion: The 2021 Threat Forecast
Our experts recap the security threats of 2020, assess the 2021 threat landscape, and suggest proactive strategies for cyber defense.
Protecting Your Workforce from Business Email Compromise
Discover best practices for safeguarding remote workers from attacks targeting business email and other business-critical services.

Research and Blogs: Ransomware Deep Dives

The CostaRicto Campaign: Cyber-Espionage Outsourced
BlackBerry reveals the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by a "hackers-for-hire" APT group to conduct cyber-espionage campaigns.
Lessons from the Front Line: Principle of Least Privilege
BlackBerry's IR team shows how the Principle of Least Privilege thwarts attackers from compromising systems and achieving their goals.
BlackBerry Uncovers Massive Hack-For-Hire Group Targeting Governments, Businesses, Human Rights Groups and Influential Individuals
BlackBerry exposes BAHAMUT and its vast network of disinformation assets aimed at furthering political causes and hampering NGOs.
The Art of Targeted Phishing: How Not To Get Hooked
We assess the tactics and targeting techniques used by sophisticated attack groups to increase profits from their phishing campaigns.

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