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BlackBerry Digital Workplace

Simple and Secure Access to PIM, Desktops, Apps and Files from Any Device

Equip your workforce with the resources they need to be productive on managed or unmanaged devices, with a robust self-contained platform that’s continuously protected from evolving cyber threats.

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Empower Your Extended Workforce

BlackBerry® Digital Workplace offers “anywhere” secure access to any application, desktop and file. Employees, contractors and partners can use their own devices to access behind-the-firewall content, with many of the same capabilities they would have with a traditional corporate-owned and managed computer. 

Users can securely connect and access the enterprise resources they need from any device running Windows® or macOS®:

  • Any web-based app, intranet site or data file
  • Windows and Linux-based apps, desktops and VDIs

Users can create and edit Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft PowerPoint® files, and share them with colleagues anytime, anywhere.

With offline access to integrated BlackBerry® Work apps – email, calendar and contacts—users can securely edit their documents without depending on Wi-Fi.

Next-generation device security leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence for advanced threat and anomaly detection.

  • Uses AI, not signatures to identify and block known and unknown malware
  • Delivers prevention against common and unknown (zero-day) threats
  • Continuously protects the endpoint without disrupting the end user
  • Conditional access ensures the endpoint is protected before permitting access to corporate content

Secure and auditable aggregation of enterprise assets in one virtual desktop environment means that all enterprise apps, tools and files are within easy reach for your traditional and non-traditional workforce, even when offline.

A secure browser-based platform eliminates the need for you to manage a fleet of devices. Managing the browser is all it takes.

With a turnkey way to quickly onboard or offboard employees, contractors and partners, you can reach more endpoints and provision users easily.

Simple and Secure Alternative to VPN and VDI

BlackBerry Digital Workplace is a robust self-contained platform that provides secure access to behind-the-firewall resources, online or offline secure document editing and continuous threat protection using AI.

If you’re already using BlackBerry® Desktop, as a part of the BlackBerry® Secure UEM & Productivity Suites, BlackBerry Digital Workplace will expand on the offering with secure document editing, Awingu and CylancePROTECT®.


BlackBerry Desktop

With an easy single sign-on experience, BlackBerry Desktop — including BlackBerry® Access and BlackBerry® Work—provides users with convenient and secure access to email, intranets, servers, apps and files on their personal or non-corporate managed Windows® 10 or macOS® device.


CylancePROTECT uses AI to block malware infections, with additional security controls that safeguard against script-based, fileless, memory and external device-based attacks.


Awingu is a browser-based workspace that enables access to Windows and Linux apps, desktops, corporate intranets, and SaaS and file shares.

Secure Document Editing

Secure document editing allows users to securely access and edit their Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint files online or offline by seamlessly connecting to on-prem or cloud resources.

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