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Investing in Trust with CylanceMDR

"We don’t have a large team or unlimited resources. For us, managed security is essential, and CylanceGUARD®* was the natural choice.”
—Craig Rhinehart, CIO, Robinson, Grimes & Company

With a philosophy built on reliability and trust, Robinson Grimes offers personalized accounting and consulting services to a diverse clientele that includes organizations in healthcare, construction, and professional services.

The firm must deliver these services as securely as possible, lest it damage the relationships it has worked to cultivate. 

"Our clients entrust us with their most sensitive data, including financial information, personal information, sometimes even health information,” explains Craig Rhinehart, chief information officer at Robinson Grimes. “Priority No. 1 for us is to maintain the security of that data. We also need to ensure good system uptime, especially close to tax filing deadlines and client project deadlines.”

*CylanceGUARD® is now CylanceMDR™

Better Security Without Interrupting Operations

Stress-Free 24x7 Monitoring

Seamless Onboarding, Deployment, & Operation

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Solving for Up-Scaling

Solving for Up-Scaling

Although Robinson Grimes is a relatively large firm, its IT department is comparatively small, with Rhinehart and his team primarily managing its security demands through CylanceENDPOINT™. Rhinehart knew that as the firm continued to grow, the firm’s ability to manage its own security needs would eventually diminish. Even AI-powered endpoint protection could only take it so far. 

“We started thinking about what might happen after-hours, when we lacked internal coverage within our own team,” he explains. “We knew that any gap in our coverage would eventually become a problem.”  

Too Many Windows, Not Enough Watchmen

The problem facing Robinson Grimes was clear — it simply didn’t have enough people. With that in mind, Rhinehart and his colleagues began looking into managed security. It didn’t take them long to decide on CylanceMDR™. 

“We evaluated several vendors, and one of the questions we asked concerned their internal response capability,” says Rhinehart. “If we needed digital forensics or remediation, was that capability baked into the vendor’s product or service? Several of the vendors I talked to admitted to leaning on their channel partners for that service — I didn’t love that answer, as I knew BlackBerry and Cylance offered that internally.”

Extending the Team for ‘Round-the-Clock Coverage

Extending the Team for ‘Round-the-Clock Coverage

A subscription-based, 24x7 managed detection and response (MDR) solution, CylanceMDR combines sophisticated artificial intelligence, deep expertise, and holistic telemetry into a single solution. With CylanceMDR, BlackBerry’s analysts can act as an extension of Robinson Grimes’s team, providing them with actionable intelligence and proactive, preventative security. 

“BlackBerry was already trusted and known to us, and it was simple to just expand the use of our existing tools,” notes Rhinehart. “I also had full confidence in BlackBerry’s support and response capabilities. I knew BlackBerry would have our backs when we weren't working."

"I Sleep Better at Night Knowing CylanceGUARD* Is Supporting Us."

With CylanceMDR fully deployed, Robinson Grimes operates mostly as it did before, save for one thing — peace of mind.

"We feel well cared for by the GUARD* team," concludes Rhinehart. "The folks who helped us get started got to know us and our business, they were invested in making sure we succeeded in implementing the program. I would absolutely recommend taking a good, strong look at BlackBerry. I’ve been very pleased with the product, the service, and the support they’ve provided.” 


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*CylanceGUARD is now CylanceMDR