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How GDEX Embodies Cybersecurity

"When I asked an ethical hacker colleague which solution gave him the most trouble when installing malware, he told me that after a million trials, Cylance stood out,”

—Melvin Foong, Chief Information Officer at GDEX

For efficiency's sake, GDEX builds most technology in-house. BlackBerry is a rare exception. A leading logistics and parcel delivery service based in Malaysia with a history spanning more than 20 years, GDEX employs more than 10,000 people, including over 250 full-time IT staff.

GDEX CIO Melvin Foong has worked in executive IT management, cybersecurity, and digital forensics for over a decade. He’s witnessed multiple incidents where a company targeted a competitor to steal intellectual property, gather intelligence, or disrupt operations. Though none of those cases involved GDEX, he couldn’t afford to discount the possibility that the company’s market leadership could put it in the crosshairs of threat actors.  

“Anything can happen, and any competitor could be in a position of hostility,” he explains. “We cannot allow even a single attack to disrupt GDEX. Once people start talking about how we delayed their parcel, there goes our business.”

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IT Staff Needed to Monitor the Dashboard

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Prevention-First to Keep Clients Safe

Prevention-First to Keep Clients Safe

"Security is GDEX's priority—our clients need to know their data is safe."

Foong recognized that if GDEX was to maintain its reputation, it needed to upgrade. Older, signature-based solutions were fast approaching the limits of their usefulness. If GDEX was to keep up with its evolving threat landscape, it needed something more sophisticated and proactive.

“Solutions built on a detection and response mindset only address threats post-execution,” says Foong. “This mindset to me means that you expect something has already exploded, and you’re cleaning up the mess. That wasn’t an option for GDEX.”

From Post-Execution to Prevention-First

Facing an increasingly volatile competitive landscape, Foong began searching for an alternative to the company’s signature-based legacy antivirus solutions, realizing they were ill-suited to protect the company. This culminated in a deployment of CylancePROTECT® and CylanceOPTICS®.

After comprehensive research, he concluded that BlackBerry was the best fit for GDEX’s needs—and the best replacement for its outdated software.

“From my days as a forensic investigator, I’ve several contacts in the ethical hacking community,” says Foong. “I reached out to ask one which solution gave him the most trouble when installing malware. He told me that after a million trials, Cylance stood out.”

Stopping Threats Before They Become Threats

Stopping Threats Before They Become Threats

CylancePROTECT, based on BlackBerry’s award-winning Cylance AI technology, would allow the organization to prevent even the most sophisticated malware, especially supported by CylanceOPTICS’ next-generation, cloud-enabled Endpoint Detection and Response. Deploying CylancePROTECT alongside AI-based solutions for insider threat prevention and .NET monitoring further improved the company’s security posture.

“Cylance starts with the idea of prevention-first security,” explains Foong. “It doesn’t rely on executions, behaviors, or attack frameworks. It stops threats before they become threats.”

"BlackBerry Software Never Failed Me”

“I'm often asked why I trust Cylance,” says Foong. “I don’t do so blindly.”

“BlackBerry's software has never failed me,” Foong explains. “Not a single Malaysian client using it has experienced a successful cyberattack, and the maturity of the AI makes it very good at what it does. I’ve also read BlackBerry’s patents, so I know Cylance does what it’s supposed to do.” 

Lightweight and autonomous, Cylance integrated seamlessly with GDEX's existing infrastructure, considerably reducing GDEX's IT workload. Alongside BlackBerry's exceptional support, Foong feels he has perfect foundation with which to GDEX secure.

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