Threats Managed: How This Global Intelligence Agency Keeps Its Clients, People and Systems Safe


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Threats Managed: How This Global Intelligence Agency Keeps Its Clients, People and Systems Safe

Whether protecting a VIP, evacuating a hot zone or dealing with highly sensitive data or physical assets, global intelligence and threat management firm TAM-C Solutions applies a strategic, data-driven approach that produces results, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

For instance, at the height of the COVID breakout, TAM-C was responsible for managing the logistics for the high-profile evacuation of a group of students stranded in Lima, Peru. The private agency simultaneously coordinated flights out of the country and travel from remote regions to the U.S. Embassy without incident.

“One of the things that makes TAM-C unique is that our staff aren’t simply researchers or analysts,” explains Dr. Aaron Richman, CEO of TAM-C Solutions. “They’re professionals with firsthand experience in the threats they face. We also don’t use generalized tools—our technology is developed specifically with intelligence and threat management in mind.”

Battle-Tested, Client-Focused

Battle-Tested, Client-Focused

“TAM-C’s analysts work in extremely close proximity to our clients, which include Fortune 100 companies, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and humanitarian agencies all over the world,” says Richman. “It’s not uncommon to have 50 or more staff working at a client’s facility off-site, supporting them on a 24x7 basis. It’s part of our relationship with them—a partnership we forge with each client.”

TAM-C’s specialized services rely on its proprietary Fusion system, a patented artificial intelligence (AI) platform that perpetually collects and collates data from a wide range of sources. These include publicly available information via social media and the dark web, data on groups and persons of interest and threats from extremist factions. Fusion automatically analyzes and ranks all collected data by relevance. The findings are assessed by highly skilled security analysts, who then coordinate with teams assigned to client organizations. 

Blending Intelligent Security with Critical Communications

“Our dashboard is excellent when it comes to gathering information,” Richman explains. “But in many dispatches, our operators were responsible for determining whether or not each alert was received. We recognized this as an area which could use improvement.”  

It was with this in mind that Richman and his colleagues began looking for a critical event management (CEM) solution.

“We evaluated multiple companies and services, but we didn’t really find anything that met the needs of our tactical environment,” notes Richman. “Then I remembered that years ago, I’d visited a facility that was using BlackBerry AtHoc. Given BlackBerry’s reputation for security, it seemed like a natural fit.”

Richman and his team ultimately purchased a significant number of BlackBerry® AtHoc® licenses. The agency’s operations center leverages AtHoc to more effectively adjust and adapt to rapidly developing situations, sharing information in real time. This process, in turn, helps it keep people safe.

TAM-C is also using BBM® Enterprise for secure internal communication.

“Though BlackBerry’s portfolio is compelling, what ultimately drove our decision was the people,” recalls Richman. “BlackBerry has always gone above and beyond for TAM-C. It’s a good feeling, having that kind of support—and it’s an approach that fit well with our own organizational culture.”

“At TAM-C, we believe that 50% of intelligence is dissemination,” Richman continues. “Our partnership with BlackBerry allows us to add a sophisticated, secure layer of communication to our contact with clients, vendors and partners.”

TAM-C has also evaluated several other BlackBerry products to confirm their effectiveness as cybersecurity solutions prior to adoption.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Staying Ahead of the Curve

TAM-C now leverages BlackBerry AtHoc to help support its global operations. The platform has proven valuable both in the situational intelligence it provides for operators and its ability to seamlessly disseminate information to agents and clients in the field. These capabilities were recently put to the test in a major field operation.

“We had to help a client downsize across multiple global regions,” Richman recalls. “And we had to do so in a fast, efficient and confidential manner—they couldn’t give any type of warning because some of their facilities were extremely sensitive in nature. We had eight separate teams totalling more than 50 employees in the field, and we were able to coordinate everything seamlessly. “

BlackBerry security solutions, meanwhile, have helped TAM-C to further strengthen its foothold as an industry leader, joining the advanced portfolio of tools it leverages to safeguard clients and data.

“BlackBerry has the brand of security many companies don’t,” says Richman. “People inherently trust it, and that’s helped us build greater trust with many of our clients.” 

Forging a Powerful Partnership

Forging a Powerful Partnership

Currently, TAM-C is planning the final stage in its implementation of BlackBerry AtHoc. It plans to apply its own branding and domain to AtHoc alerts. That way, clients will see all updates as coming from TAM-C rather than from BlackBerry.

Beyond that, the organization plans to establish an ISV partnership with BlackBerry.

“The doors have been open, we have a point of contact and we’re working on finalizing the partnership,” says Richman. “I know that this will be a win for BlackBerry as much as it is for us. BlackBerry’s competitors do not have the deep integration that TAM-C and AtHoc will possess—it’s an excellent opportunity.” 

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