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Threats Managed: How This Global Intelligence Agency Keeps Its Clients, People, and Systems Safe

"We evaluated multiple companies and services, but we didn't really find anything that met the needs of our tactical environment. Then I remembered that years ago, I'd visited a facility that was using BlackBerry AtHoc. Given BlackBerry's reputation for security, it seemed like a natural fit."
— Dr. Aaron Richman, CEO, TAM-C Solutions

Whether protecting a VIP, evacuating a hot zone or dealing with highly sensitive data or physical assets, global intelligence and threat management firm TAM-C Solutions applies a strategic, data-driven approach that produces results, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

For instance, at the height of the COVID breakout, TAM-C was responsible for managing the logistics for the high-profile evacuation of a group of students stranded in Lima, Peru. The private agency simultaneously coordinated flights out of the country and travel from remote regions to the U.S. Embassy without incident.

“One of the things that makes TAM-C unique is that our staff aren’t simply researchers or analysts,” explains Dr. Aaron Richman, CEO of TAM-C Solutions. “They’re professionals with firsthand experience in the threats they face. We also don’t use generalized tools—our technology is developed specifically with intelligence and threat management in mind.”

Improved security and communication internally and with clients, vendors, and partners.

Ability to effectively adjust and adapt to rapidly developing situations using real time communication through one secure platform.