Professional Security Services

Protect Your Organization with Expert Cybersecurity Guidance

The BlackBerry Security Services team can help you secure your people, information, and network from whatever cybersecurity challenges you face—whether your environment is on-premise, cloud-based, or part of the Internet of Things. 


Red Team / Attack Simulation

With BlackBerry® Red Teaming, testers will observe targets and choose times when attacks will be most effective—just as a malicious attacker would.

Penetration Testing

The BlackBerry® Penetration Testing team has spent decades protecting the most critical systems, networks and applications in the world.

Strategic Services

BlackBerry® Strategic Services can help your organization align critical security components (process, technology and people) from a foundational perspective to achieve a state of prevention.


BlackBerry Security Services experts utilize a state-of-the-art holistic approach to identify threats and risks in IoT and embedded environments.



A subscription-based managed detection and response offering that leverages the native Cylance® AI platform and the 24x7 support of a world-class team of incident responders and prevention experts.

Incident Response

BlackBerry Security Services will enhance your incident handling and response capabilities, while supporting the development of efficient and robust processes to minimize the impact of any breach. Our IR team is available 24/7 and can provide assistance across the globe.

Incident Response Retainer

Get immediate access to Incident Response experts. We’ll work with you to determine the cause of the breach, identify the targeted systems or data, and use the details of the attack to move the environment into a state of prevention.

Compromise Assessment

A Compromise Assessment engagement will help assist your organization in identifying environmental risks, current or previous security incidents, and potential threat actor activity in a network environment.

Forensic Analysis

BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting’s industry-recognized Security Services experts have a wealth of incident containment/digital forensics expertise to deliver fast and accurate forensics results.


Cylance Endpoint Security

Our experts blend technological expertise and personalized white glove service to optimize BlackBerry security solutions. It makes it easy to get the most out of Cylance Endpoint Security components from BlackBerry.

Unified Endpoint Management

BlackBerry Security Services Consulting team has experience designing and implementing BlackBerry solutions, and training organizations on how to get the maximum ROI from them.

BlackBerry QNX Professional Services

From concept through production to maintenance, BlackBerry QNX® Professional Services complement and enhance your development team’s ability to meet production deadlines on budget and on spec.

Support and Training

Your Trusted Enterprise Mobility Partner

BlackBerry® Technical Support Services provides direct access to technical experts to maximize uptime and ensure your solution is performing to your expectations.

Technical Training Services

BlackBerry training is an efficient and effective way to master BlackBerry technologies—BlackBerry® UEM, BlackBerry® Dynamics, BlackBerry® Workspaces, BlackBerry ® AtHoc® and more.

BlackBerry QNX Training

All QNX training courses are hands-on and instructor-led using real-world examples to give your development team the grounding they need in QNX best practices—so that you get the most out of your investment. 
Featured Series: Malware Live

Featured Series: Malware Live

Watch the premiere of the new BlackBerry monthly threat intelligence series, Malware LIVE, co-hosted by Eric Milam, BlackBerry Vice President, Research Operations, and Hector Diaz, BlackBerry Senior Technical Marketing Manager—now on demand.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the impact of modern malware on our personal and professional lives.


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