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Google Chrome Enterprise Management with BlackBerry UEM

Manage Your Chrome Browser Users and Endpoints with Intelligent Security

BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) works with Google Chrome Enterprise so you can deploy and manage Chrome-based devices across your organization— securely. From corporate-owned to BYO devices, the BlackBerry UEM platform enables consistent security policies across all endpoints, managed through a single admin console.

Built to Support Modern Workforces

Chrome Enterprise is a cloud-first solution built to support modern workforces. Cloud profiles, regular background updates, and access to popular productivity and video conferencing apps help employees work effectively from anywhere. Lower total cost of ownership, multiple layers of security, and ease of management free it to have more impact.

BlackBerry UEM and Chrome Enterprise

BlackBerry UEM works with the new Chrome Enterprise Connectors Framework to manage and secure Chrome-based devices. IT teams can leverage our robust UEM platform to activate an extensive list of policies for Chrome-based devices including:

Remote wipe

Password enforcement

User group and Allowlist configurations

Auto updates

Connection settings

Fast Deployment

Policy Management

Application Sandboxing

Chrome Support for Blackberry-Dynamics Apps

Chrome Support for Blackberry-Dynamics Apps

In addition to Chrome device management, BlackBerry also offers Chrome support for BlackBerry Dynamics based productivity applications including BlackBerry Work and BlackBerry Access, for seamless and secure access to email, documents, applications, and intranet without the need for VPN.

This level of control over device and policy management enables users to work on the technology of their choice—without compromising enterprise security.

Command and Control for All Endpoints

With its single management console and trusted end-to-end security model, BlackBerry UEM is designed to help you increase your mobile workforce’s productivity while ensuring the full protection of your business data. It also gives you the granular control and visibility you need to keep your employees connected and protected.

Manage Chrome OS Devices

  • Easily enroll Chrome Enterprise devices
  • Enforce 100+ policies and settings
  • Define security and privacy settings
  • Configure VPN, WiFi and proxy settings
  • Configure settings for user groups
  • View device status
  • Remote wipe lost devices
Manage Chrome Browser

Manage Chrome Browser

  • Use BlackBerry UEM Admin console to enforce 100+ browser policies
  • Set allowlist and blocklist URLs
  • Enforce privacy and security policies
  • Auto-update software

Chrome Enterprise Recommended

BlackBerry UEM is recognized by Google as Chrome Enterprise-Recommended , a program that helps enterprises select validated partner solutions and integrations that support their workforce, regardless of where they work and the device they use.


What is Chrome enterprise management?

Chrome Enterprise is a set Cloud-based tools for the management of Chrome browsers and Chrome OS™ devices from Google. It integrates with BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). 

What is the difference between Google Chrome and Chrome enterprise?

Chrome is used to refer to Chrome browser and/or Chrome for consumer users. Chrome Enterprise is an umbrella of business offerings that include Chrome browser for business, Chrome OS for business, and Chrome OS devices for business.

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