BlackBerry IoT/Embedded Services

Are your IoT or embedded devices talking to strangers?

With over 30 billion IoT and embedded devices all over the world, threat actors are continually targeting and exploiting these devices.  Whether your IoT/embedded devices are in the automobiles, medical devices, RFID tags, heating/cooling systems, wearable devices or other, BlackBerry® Security Services can help your organization reduce the security risks in these commonly ignored devices.
Service Overview

Service Overview

BlackBerry Security Services experts utilize a holistic approach to identify threats and risks in IoT/embedded environments.  The engagement will address the attack surface and how it can be leveraged maliciously.  If no active threats are found, a strategic remediation roadmap will be created and will include operational tactical and governance requirements.

How it Works

BlackBerry Security Services will test device components and systems both individually and in combination to identify and assess all significant vulnerabilities. The phases of the assessment will encompass the following:
  • Hardware
  • Tamper prevention
  • Bootloader
  • Firmware
  • Local attack surface
  • Remote attack surface
  • Network protocols
  • Support systems and applications

Why BlackBerry?

Choose BlackBerry for a level of completeness, breadth and depth you won’t find from other cybersecurity consulting vendors.

  • Access to world-class consultants
  • Significant reduction in cyber risk and exposure
  • Business and technical perspectives
  • An opportunity to optimize client defense


Deliverables will include a roadmap for remediation and tactical recommendations focused on individual components, the system as a whole and its supporting systems.  The strategic recommendations will focus on secure engineering methods, device design and development practices such as Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), software/hardware bill of materials (sBOM), and the importance of a secure supply chain.

Could your devices be at risk of talking to strangers? Contact BlackBerry Security Services for a consultation and ignite your cybersecurity defenses!