BlackBerry Security Services Incident Response Retainer

Shorten Response Times for a Suspected Incident

Gain peace of mind by locking in access to BlackBerry Incident Response (IR) experts before you have a breach.  Our team will familiarize ourselves with your unique circumstances so that we can hit the ground running to quickly recognize and contain a threat if you do have an incident.   If you don’t have an incident during our agreement timeframe, you can utilize the purchased hours for other BlackBerry Security Services. 
Service Overview

Service Overview

When you have an incident response retainer with BlackBerry, you get the benefit of reduced rates, service level agreements and guaranteed availability. In the event that your organization suffers a security incident and contacts BlackBerry by email or phone, BlackBerry® Security Services will have an IR consultant or director respond within the agreed upon SLA. Our experts will work to contain, mitigate, plan a remediation, and recover from the breach.
Inclusion Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Number of Prepaid Hours 40 Hours 100 Hours 200 Hours 400 Hours
Utilization Timeframe 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years
Tier 1
Number of Prepaid Hours 40 Hours
Utilization Timeframe 1 Year
Tier 2
Number of Prepaid Hours 100 Hours
Utilization Timeframe 1 Year
Tier 3
Number of Prepaid Hours 200 Hours
Utilization Timeframe 1 Year
Tier 4
Number of Prepaid Hours 400 Hours
Utilization Timeframe 2 Years

Why BlackBerry?

Choose BlackBerry for your IR needs, and lock in guaranteed availability of an IR expert in the event of a compromise or suspected breach before the breach. Benefits include:

  • IR Team knowledge of your environment pre-breach
  • Strong relationships with Law Enforcement, Counsel, and Insurers
  • Reducing incident response times and safeguarding systems more quickly
  • Containing incidents within days, not months
  • Eliminating costly delays since contracts are approved in advance
  • The ability to convert a portion of your pre-purchased hours to other services in the BlackBerry Security Services portfolio to enhance your security posture
The Blackberry IR Advantage

The Blackberry IR Advantage

For every IR, the BlackBerry team has a tried-and-true approach including:

  • A dedicated Engagement Manager and IR Leadership Oversight
  • Unique “run once” collection tools
  • Access to BlackBerry Protect and Optics as part of the engagement
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning pre-processing
  • A detailed report of findings for the incident

Shorten your response times with a pre-negotiated incident response retainer. Contact BlackBerry Security Services or your technology provider to discuss your incident response needs.