Become a BlackBerry Partner and Grow Your Business

The BlackBerry Partner Program is purpose-built to accelerate growth from day one—with no barriers to entry and flexibility to align your business model with how customers buy. BlackBerry partners enjoy numerous opportunities for profitability through growth sales accelerators and high-margin partner-led services paired with go-to-market support.
Why BlackBerry?

Why BlackBerry?

Cyberattacks hit multiple industries, affect organizations of all sizes, and serve as stark reminders that no business is safe. But BlackBerry proactively protects against cyberthreats by leveraging prevention-first cybersecurity solutions powered by cybersecurity AI.

We offer a competitive advantage and peace of mind with the first and most advanced cybersecurity AI technology on the market—Cylance® AI. Partners can accelerate profit by preventing threats quickly and cost efficiently. BlackBerry empowers partner growth with prioritized business development, partner-led services, and hybrid business models. BlackBerry has connected, protected, and secured endpoints for more than 35 years—building on foundational, iconic secure mobility. 

Deliver Differentiated Security Solutions Unique to Your Business Model 

Earn a greater return on investment for you and your customers with security solutions that are more effective in preventing cyberattacks. Whether you are looking to resell, embed, integrate, build services, or a combination thereof, the BlackBerry Partner Program provides the business model flexibility, tools, managed services, and support to protect your customers from cyberthreats. 

Partnership Opportunities

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)

Safeguard client devices and networks with AI-driven threat detection, prevention, and response for optimal IT/OT security and workforce flexibility.

Solution Providers

BlackBerry® prevention-first tools, predictive AI technologies, and Zero Trust frameworks offer Solution Providers capabilities that are more effective, require fewer resources to support, and produce a better return on investment for your customers.

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Join the BlackBerry® ISV Partner Program and leverage the comprehensive BlackBerry® Development Platform to create extensible integrations that deliver results-based solutions with endpoint security data enrichment enabled by BlackBerry artificial intelligence. Promote your solution in the Marketplace for Enterprise Software to reach more customers and grow revenue.

BlackBerry AtHoc Development Partner Program

Join the BlackBerry AtHoc Development Partner Program to leverage the comprehensive BlackBerry® AtHoc® SDK and promote your app in the Marketplace for Enterprise Software.