Package javax.microedition.content

Content Handler API public classes and interfaces.


Interface Summary
ContentHandler A ContentHandler provides the details of a content handler registration.
ContentHandlerServer ContentHandlerServer provides methods to get new Invocation requests, to finish the processing of requests and to get the access control information.
RequestListener The listener is notified to indicate that an new Invocation request is available.
ResponseListener A ResponseListener interface to be notified when an Invocation response is available.

Class Summary
ActionNameMap An ActionNameMap provides a mapping between actions and corresponding action names.
Invocation An Invocation contains the parameters that are passed from an invoking application to a content handler and the results that are returned to the application.
Registry The Registry provides method to invoke, register, unregister, and query information about content handlers.

Exception Summary
ContentHandlerException A ContentHandlerException is thrown to report errors specific to registration and invocation of content handlers.

Package javax.microedition.content Description

Content Handler API public classes and interfaces.


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