Interface BulkUpdateCollectionListener

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public interface BulkUpdateCollectionListener
extends CollectionListener

Provides collection events that signal bulk update operations.

Typically, a source collection can inform listening collections about its updates in two ways:

The latter method reduces the impact on RAM use and avoids VM thrashing, at the cost of latency while this collection gathers its updates into a batch.

Method Summary
 void beginBulkUpdate(Collection collection)
          Monitoried collection is beginning a bulk update.
 void endBulkUpdate(Collection collection)
          Monitored collection has completed a bulk update.
Methods inherited from interface net.rim.device.api.collection.CollectionListener
elementAdded, elementRemoved, elementUpdated, reset

Method Detail


public void beginBulkUpdate(Collection collection)
Monitoried collection is beginning a bulk update.

This collection should avoid commits to the persistent store if possible.

collection - Collection beginning its bulk update.


public void endBulkUpdate(Collection collection)
Monitored collection has completed a bulk update.

This collection should move itself out of RAM if possible since no more updates are probably going to occur for a while.

collection - Collection ending its bulk update.

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