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Package net.rim.device.api.crypto.cms

Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) Classes and Definitions.


Interface Summary
 Category: Signed CMSContentTypes The content types that the RIM version of CMS supports.
 Category: Signed CMSEnvelopedDataConstants This interface contains a series of constants that are used by the CMSEnvelopedDataInputStream and CMSEnvelopedDataOutputStreams

Class Summary
 Category: Signed CMSAttribute Represents an attribute that may be found/placed in a CMS message.
 Category: Signed CMSCompressedDataInputStream Implements a CMS compressed data input stream so that a message that has been compressed in the CMS format can be properly parsed and decompressed.
 Category: Signed CMSCompressedDataOutputStream Implements a CMS Compressed data output stream so that outgoing data can be compressed and formatted as per CMS compressed data messages.
 Category: Signed CMSContext Implements a "two stage" method of processing CMS messages.
 Category: Signed CMSDataInputStream Implements a CMS data input stream.
 Category: Signed CMSDataOutputStream Implements a CMS data output stream so that outgoing data can be written to the output stream.
 Category: Signed CMSEntityIdentifier This class encompasses how entities ( whether recipients or signers ) are represented in CMS.
 Category: Signed CMSEnvelopedDataInputStream Defines an input stream to parse a CMS enveloped message.
 Category: Signed CMSEnvelopedDataOutputStream Defines a CMS enveloped data output stream to handle a CMS enveloped data message.
 Category: Signed CMSInputStream A generic CMS input stream that the data, signed, and enveloped input streams extend.
 Category: Signed CMSOutputStream A generic CMS output stream that all specific CMS output streams extend.
 Category: Signed CMSReceiptData A class containing information required to verify a signed receipt.
 Category: Signed CMSReceiptRequest A CMSReceiptRequest allows the user to create a signed receipt request and add it to a CMSSignedDataOuptutStream.
 Category: Signed CMSSignedDataInputStream Implements a CMS signed data input stream so that a message that has been signed in the CMS format can be properly parsed and verified.
 Category: Signed CMSSignedDataOutputStream Implements a CMSSigned data output stream so that outgoing data can be signed and formatted as per CMS signed data messages.
 Category: Signed CMSSignedReceiptInputStream A CMSSignedReceiptInputStream allows the user to read in a signed receipt and process it properly.
 Category: Signed CMSSignedReceiptOutputStream A CMSSignedReceiptOutputStream allows the user to properly create a signed receipt.
 Category: Signed CMSSigner Groups together a signature signer and a group of certificates for use by CMS.
 Category: Signed EMSAcceptRequestInputStream A EMSAcceptRequestInputStream allows the user to read in a certificate accept request from an EMS (Entrust Messaging Server).
 Category: Signed EMSAcceptResponseOutputStream A EMSAcceptResponseOutputStream allows the user to properly create an EMS(Entrust Messaging Server) Certificate Accept Response message.

Exception Summary
 Category: Signed CMSDecryptionException Thrown when an error occurs while decrypting a CMS message.
 Category: Signed CMSException Thrown when a CMS error occurs.
 Category: Signed CMSNoCertificateFoundException Thrown when no certificate can be found, in the message or in the key store, that matches the certificate specified in the message.
 Category: Signed CMSNoPrivateKeyFoundException Thrown when something is attempted to be decrypted but no private key can be found.
 Category: Signed CMSNoPublicKeyFoundException Thrown when no public key can be found to verify a signature on a message.
 Category: Signed CMSNoReceiptDataFoundException Thrown when the original message cannot be found to verify a signed receipt.
 Category: Signed CMSNoSuchAlgorithmException Thrown when no matching algorithm can be found to carry out a desired task.
 Category: Signed CMSNoSuchEntityException Thrown when no CMSEntity can be found in the message.
 Category: Signed CMSParsingException Thrown when a malformed CMS message is parsed.
 Category: Signed CMSVerificationException Thrown when the signature on a CMS signed message cannot be verified.

Package net.rim.device.api.crypto.cms Description

Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) Classes and Definitions.

CMS describes an encapsulation syntax for data protection. It supports digital signatures, message authentication codes (MACs), and encryption.

The syntax allows recursion, such that one "envelope" can be nested within another. This way, a second party can sign data that was previously signed and enveloped by a previous party. In addition to the content of the message, other attributes such as signing time, signatures, and sub-signatures (attributes of a signature) can also be authenticated.

This package contains RIM's implementation of the CMS standard. These standards are outlined in RFC 2630. We also support RFC 3278, 3211, 3217, 3274, the AES draft standard , the RSA-OAEP draft standard , and the Signed Receipt part of RFC 2634.

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