Interface Summary
Comparator This is merely a clone of Comparator since it is not available in CLDC 1.1 / MIDP 2.0.

Class Summary
BitArray A simple, fast array of bits, represented compactly by an array of ints internally.
BitMatrix Represents a 2D matrix of bits.
BitSource This provides an easy abstraction to read bits at a time from a sequence of bytes, where the number of bits read is not often a multiple of 8.
ByteArray This class implements an array of unsigned bytes.
ByteMatrix A class which wraps a 2D array of bytes.
CharacterSetECI Encapsulates a Character Set ECI, according to "Extended Channel Interpretations" of ISO 18004.
Collections This is basically a substitute for java.util.Collections, which is not present in MIDP 2.0 / CLDC 1.1.
DecoderResult Encapsulates the result of decoding a matrix of bits.
DetectorResult Encapsulates the result of detecting a barcode in an image.
ECI Superclass of classes encapsulating types ECIs, according to "Extended Channel Interpretations" 5.3 of ISO 18004.
GlobalHistogramBinarizer This Binarizer implementation uses the old ZXing global histogram approach.
GridSampler Implementations of this class can, given locations of finder patterns for a QR code in an image, sample the right points in the image to reconstruct the QR code, accounting for perspective distortion.
LocalBlockBinarizer This class implements a local thresholding algorithm, which while slower than the GlobalHistogramBinarizer, is fairly efficient for what it does.

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