Package javax.bluetooth

Interface Summary
DiscoveryListener The DiscoveryListener interface allows an application to receive device discovery and service discovery events.
L2CAPConnection The L2CAPConnection interface represents a connection-oriented L2CAP channel.
L2CAPConnectionNotifier The L2CAPConnectionNotifier interface provides an L2CAP connection notifier.
ServiceRecord The ServiceRecord interface describes characteristics of a Bluetooth service.

Class Summary
DataElement The DataElement class defines the various data types that a Bluetooth service attribute value may have.
DeviceClass The DeviceClass class represents the class of device (CoD) record as defined by the Bluetooth specification.
DiscoveryAgent The DiscoveryAgent class provides methods to perform device and service discovery.
LocalDevice The LocalDevice class defines the basic functions of the Bluetooth manager.
RemoteDevice The RemoteDevice class represents a remote Bluetooth device.
UUID The UUID class defines universally unique identifiers.

Exception Summary
BluetoothConnectionException This BluetoothConnectionException is thrown when a Bluetooth connection (L2CAP, RFCOMM, or OBEX over RFCOMM) cannot be established successfully.
BluetoothStateException The BluetoothStateException is thrown when a request is made to the Bluetooth system that the system cannot support in its present state.
ServiceRegistrationException The ServiceRegistrationException is thrown when there is a failure to add a service record to the local Service Discovery Database (SDDB) or to modify an existing service record in the SDDB.

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