Package net.rim.blackberry.api.options

Provides functionality to add items to the handheld Options screen.


Interface Summary
OptionsProvider Option providers may add entries into the system's Options screen.

Class Summary
OptionsManager Manager for option providers.

Package net.rim.blackberry.api.options Description

Provides functionality to add items to the handheld Options screen.

Use the Options API to add system-wide options to the handheld that multiple applications can use.

When the user clicks the Options icon on the handheld Home screen, a list of options appears, such as Autotext, Date/Time, and Firewall. The user can select one of these items to view a screen for that particular option. The screen displays one or more fields. Typically, the user can change the value of each field.

To add an option item, perform the following tasks:

  1. Implement the OptionsProvider interface to define an option item.
  2. Register your OptionsProvider with the OptionsManager.
  3. Create a persistent object to store option data.

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