Interface AccelerometerListener

public interface AccelerometerListener

Listener for accelerometer notifications.

The listener will be notified when channel recieves new data. If the channel is opened for orientation then the listener will be notified each time handheld changes orientation. If the channel is configured for raw accelerometer data then it will be notified on each sensor reading as they usually differ in the real world.

BlackBerry API 4.7.0

Method Summary
 void onData(AccelerometerData accData)
          Notifies listener with new accelerometer data.

Method Detail


void onData(AccelerometerData accData)
Notifies listener with new accelerometer data. The event object will contain only information the application subsribed for during channel registration. The listener notification is performed in the application event dispatch thread.

accData - accelerometer data containing subscribed information
BlackBerry API 4.7.0

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