Package net.rim.device.api.wlan.hotspot

Interface Summary
HotspotStatusListener A listener interface for hotspot authentication status events.

Class Summary
AuthenticationStatusEvent An event object used to update HotspotStatusListener through HotspotAuthenticationAgent during any hotspot process.
HotspotAuthenticationAgent Hotspot authentication agents serve as intermediaries between client applications and hotpost status listeners (HotspotStatusListener), initiating login/logout and monitoring the state of the client application's connections to various hotspots.
HotspotClient Classes that extend the abstract class HotspotClient can register with the HotspotClientRegistry class and manage connections between the application to which they belong and the system that controls the device's Wi-Fi radio.
HotspotClientRegistry The HotspotClientRegistry allows client applications to add themselves to and remove themselves from the system which controls the device's Wi-Fi radio.
HotspotCredentialsAgent HotspotCredentialsAgent is an abstract class that must be extended by the class that manages a hotspot client's credentials.
HotspotInfo This class is used as a container for hotspot information passed from client to system.

Exception Summary
HotspotException A runtime exception thrown during a hotspot-related operation.

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