Package net.rim.device.api.crypto.certificate.x509

Class Summary
PKCS10CertificateRequest Implements the PKCS10 ( v1.7 from May 2000 ) certificate request syntax standard.
SubjectKeyIdentifierKeyStoreIndex Implements an index to allow you to look up a key store data object by the subject key identifier of the certificate in the data blob.
X509Certificate Represents an X.509 certificate.
X509CertificateRevocationList Provides support for X.509 Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) as defined in RFC 2459, including support for both version one and version two.
X509DistinguishedName Represents the ASN.1 type RDNSequence (Relative Distinguished Name).
X509PublicKeyHashKeyStoreIndex Provides indexing functionality for Key Stores based upon the hash of the encoded public key bytes of an X.509 certificate (as found in the public key field of the raw certificate, without DER tags).

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