Package net.rim.device.api.crypto.certificate.status

Interface Summary
CertificateStatusListener Provides a listener interface for over-the-air certificate status requests.
ProviderRequestData Encapsulates information to be sent from the device to the proxy during a certificate status request.
ProviderResponseData Encapsulates information to be received on the device from the proxy during a certificate status response.
ProviderUiContext Allows certificate status providers to display UI to the user (while processing status requests or responses) in a uniform fashion.

Class Summary
CertificateStatusProvider Provides access to over-the-air certificate status through various supported protocols.
CertificateStatusRequest Encapsulates the information necessary for an over-the-air certificate status request.
CertificateStatusUtilities Provides various utility methods for working with CertificateStatus objects.

Exception Summary
StatusProviderException This exception should be thrown if a status provider encounters an unrecoverable error condition.

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