The BrowserArguments object is an instance object, and is used as a parameter to the invoke() method when invoking the BlackBerry Browser application.

Supported Platform(s)
- BlackBerry OS 5.0+
- BlackBerry PlayBook
- Supported Platform Table: Expand
API OS 5.0 OS 6.0 PlayBook
blackberry.invoke.BrowserArguments Y Y Y
To use all of the API described for this object, you must declare the below feature element(s) in your configuration document:
<feature id="blackberry.invoke" />
<feature id="blackberry.invoke.BrowserArguments" />
<feature id="blackberry.identity" />



BrowserArguments(url : String, [transport: blackberry.identity.Transport])

Supported Platform(s)
 - BlackBerry OS 5.0+
 - BlackBerry PlayBook


The BrowserArguments object must be created as an instance using the new keyword.

Parameter Type Description
url String The desired url to bring up in the browser.
transport blackberry.identity.Transport
an optional parameter representing the transport type that the browser should use. If no parameter is specified the default browser configured for the device will be used.

Code Example(s)
<script type="text/javascript">
  var args = new blackberry.invoke.BrowserArguments('');
  blackberry.invoke.invoke(blackberry.invoke.APP_BROWSER, args);

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